Football clubs to give single-use plastic the boot

Football fans want to see single-use plastics removed from stadiums and the introduction of more returnable cup schemes.

 Friends of the Earth and Basis (the British Association for Sustainable Sport), estimate that over 6m single-use plastic beer cups may have been used in the Premier League last season alone.

They now want clubs to ban disposable cups for beer and cold drinks from their grounds and replace them with returnable schemes. The ‘Plastic Pledge’, which clubs are being encouraged to sign up to, also includes a range of other “relatively simple measures”, including the removal of non-essential single-use plastic straws, bags, stirrers, sauce sachets, milk jiggers (small cartons) and cutlery, prioritising reusable alternatives where feasible.

A YouGov poll of UK football fans found that 84% agree Premier League clubs should ensure reusable or returnable cups are used in their stadiums, whilst 86% want single-use plastics – such as plastic straws, sachets and cutlery – removed where possible.

Successful schemes have been operating in cricket venues, such as Lord’s and the Oval, and Twickenham Rugby stadium for a number of years.

Manchester City introduced a stadium-wide returnable cup scheme at the end of last month that it estimates will help to remove 29,000 single-use plastic cups per match on average, whilst Tottenham Hotspur trialled re-usable cup scheme last weekend.

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