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FootprintChannel: Wasted on the Bottom-line

November 25, 2014

The correlation between waste and profit is still little understood. The perceived cost of changing processes, culture and product offerings and fear of alienating customers remain barriers to action.

Nobody can blame inaction on ignorance. We have heard endless stories......EU’s boost on recycling targets, House of Lords waste enquiries, half of food not used binned before we’ve even taken a bite, redistribution, collaboration, a third of food being wasted, 1.3 billion tonnes of food being lost to supply chain inefficiencies, food waste and animal feed, residual waste, resource efficiency guides, 1.3 billion wasted in the foodservice sectors, free waste audit schemes, roadmaps to zero waste...and these are just some of the headlines in Footprint. Food waste is undoubtedly one of the defining topics of our generation and our industry is on the front line. Why, though, are still so few businesses meaningfully and measurably tackling the problem?

The answer is that most business don’t believe they have a food waste problem. Profit is every business’s problem and thousands of UK businesses are literally wasting on the bottom line. It’s time to get tough and speak numbers!

FootprintChannel: Wasted on the Bottom-line’s objective is to quantify the profit the industry is wasting. We seek to determine how you evaluate the fiscal quantum impact waste is having on your bottom-line. We will explore innovations that are helping the industry tackle the problem and simple processes that you can apply to avoid profit going in the bin.

What is FootprintChannel?

FootprintChannel.TV is a state of the art medium that takes traditional webcast technology a step further.

FootprintChannel is powered by new interactive video streaming technology. It is a televisual medium that enables key content and knowledge to be distributed to even the most time-strapped and geographically challenged business people in the foodservice and hospitality sectors. Viewers benefit from the up to the minute opinions and know-how of high-level executives and commentators; answers to those questions that will enable them to operate more responsibly.

Aggregating the expert opinions and knowledge of key industry thought leaders, FootprintChannel delivers subject specific on line and interactive TV programmes direct to your desktop.

Interactive? As well as providing audio-visual access to some of the industry’s least accessible executives, FootprintChannel enables viewers to participate in the debate through online interaction with the panelists – all from the comfort of their own desk or boardroom.

If a viewer cannot attend the live show, it doesn’t matter, because FootprintChannel productions are available ‘On Demand’ for 6 months following each live broadcast.


Date to be confirmed: October 16, 23, 28, 30 - 09.30 – 11.00

Open for registration 30th July


Live from FootprintChannel Studio in Westminster. You can watch it online anywhere you like.


November 25, 2014


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