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Equipped for the Future

Equipment plays a valuable role in the foodservice industry. It is responsible for a significant proportion of any commercial kitchens’ energy usage, carbon emissions and operating cost. This is through energy use and the efficiencies offered in terms of maximising output and reducing waste.

Foodservice Footprint equipped-for-the-future Equipped for the Future Reports

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One study calculated that 63% of the electricity consumption of public houses and restaurants was attributed to catering activities. Carbon Trust calculations indicate that the energy cost can be up to 45p per cooked meal. The UK catering industry could potentially save over a quarter of a billion pounds in energy costs every year. This is through optimising kitchen equipment, improving equipment use and tailoring menu options.

Choosing sustainable equipment which is more energy efficient can present significant lifetime savings. Operators also report that the sustainability credentials of their suppliers are important and aid a reduction in a business’s carbon footprint.

But what is it that prevents some buyers from acting on this instinct to green their supply chain by choosing the most sustainable suppliers and equipment? And how can these barriers be overcome?

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