Dudson Facts

Dudson Facts

James Thomas Dudson, the great grandson of Richard Dudson who founded the factory in 1800, became the owner of Dudson’s Hope Street factory in 1882 and it was he who master-minded significant changes in production, which would help to ensure the future of the company. Having travelled extensively for the firm for many years, he identified the potential in supplying a new market. By this time, the railways were well established, shipping lines began to flourish and an increasing number of hotels were being built to accommodate the population which was now ‘on the move’ for the first time. James Thomas Dudson had the foresight to identify the embryonic ‘leisure and tourism’ industry!

The exceptionally strong, vitreous clay body perfected by his father was ideally suited to the production of catering ware and so, by 1891, Dudson had turned its full attention to this new growth area.

Today, Dudson is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tableware for the hospitality industry, continuing to set standards in design, production and innovation.

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