Designed with Waste in Mind – Designing waste out of the commercial kitchen environment in association with Meiko UK

Waste remains ubiquitous in the hospitality sector. Even as we emerge from lockdown food waste is on the rise. Addressing the issue is now more urgent than ever. It’s time to turn on its head the idea that waste in foodservice is inevitable.

The Meiko Designed With Waste In Mind report takes a whole kitchen view that designs with waste in mind to support the preservation of resource – from food, energy, water and packaging to staff effort – in one indispensable go-to guide.

The Report goes to the top of the waste hierarchy to find ways to take waste out of the equation, but also covers ways to ensure unavoidable wastes are managed as sustainably as possible. It covers how equipment and counters should be sited for optimum workflow, enabling streamlining, improved efficiency and more pleasant working environments. It covers the positioning of waste stations that support measurement and monitoring, whilst ensuring unwanted items end up in the right place.

Foodservice is under greater pressure than ever to tackle waste. Budgets are being squeezed hard, whilst high profile campaigns continue to highlight issues ranging from plastics to food waste. Meanwhile, climate strikes, the widespread acceptance of the urgent need to move towards a circular economy and the fallout from the pandemic, mean it is necessary to act now and act fast to save money and resources to build stronger businesses.

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