Deforestation-free claims lack accountability, says Rainforest Alliance

A NEW Rainforest Alliance paper "Halting Deforestation and Achieving Sustainability" argues that a surge of recent deforestation-free pledges need definition, context and accountability.

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The past few months have seen a number of indiviual business pledges on deforestation and collective deforestation commitments such as the New York Declaration on Forests. the Rainforest Alliance's view is that the promises of 'deforestation-free' must deliver lasting benefits for forests people and the planet.


The paper sets out five pillars for success in tackling this problem:


  • Clarifying definitions of deforestation-free that are rigourous yet realistic
  • Addressing other critical risks and impacts pf commodity production
  • Increasing the productivity and efficiency of existing croplands
  • Effectively governing forests and other natural resources
  • Restoring degraded lands and productivity

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