Dairy firm exposes milk “knowledge gap”

Four in five people across Northern Europe do not know about the essential nutrients they have in their diet, whilst 40% feel they lack at least some of the essential nutrients they need.

The new research, commissioned by Arla Foods, uncovered a knowledge gap when it comes to understanding about food. For example, almost half the 7,200 citizens quizzed across Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland and the UK didn’t know dairy products were a natural source of vitamins and minerals.

Two thirds of the Brits surveyed thought whole milk contains more than 10% fat – in fact, it is under 4%, with semi-skimmed around 1.7%.

“Food literacy needs to be improved so people can compose meals which are rich and varied in essential nutrients,” said Hanne Søndergaard, CMO at Arla Foods.

The research comes as increasing numbers of people switch to diets with fewer dairy and meat products. This could have significant environmental benefits due the emissions associated with livestock rearing. However, it has also raised concerns that people could be at risk of nutritional deficiency if they don’t follow a “well planned” plant-based diet.

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