Cost the key barrier to healthier diets

People’s intention to eat a healthy diet is often hampered by the high cost of healthier foods, new research suggests.

Although 63% of those surveyed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) would like to change their diet to make it healthier, 77% could identify at least one barrier that stopped them from doing so with the cost of healthier foods being the most commonly reported barrier (33%).

The FSA, along with Ipsos MORI, surveyed almost 2,000 adults living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on their attitudes towards healthy and sustainable diets.

Most consumers (75%) believed they knew what a healthy diet consists of and understood the impact their diet has on their health (78%), however only 65% reported that what they eat is ‘healthy’. This is despite 87% agreeing that it’s important for them to eat a healthy diet. 

The FSA also asked people about their attitudes to sustainable diets. Just under half of people believed they knew what a sustainable diet consists of (48%) with 51% reporting that they understood the impact their diet has on the environment.

Although 73% thought it important for them to buy food that has a low environmental impact, just 49% considered their personal diet to be environmentally sustainable. 

As with healthy foods, the cost of sustainable foods was the most commonly cited barrier to eating them more frequently for 29% of those surveyed, while 16% reported that a lack of understanding about what is or isn’t sustainable was a barrier to a more sustainable diet.

Views on meat and dairy consumption were especially polarising with 41% of respondents agreeing they would like to eat less meat with 34% disagreeing; 33% agreed they would like to eat less dairy, but 34% disagreed.

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