Corporate climate disclosures jump 38%

Pressure from investors and policymakers has led to a 38% increase in the number of companies sharing climate data with CDP, the disclosure platform.

The data, reported by Reuters, showed disclosures hit 13,132 in 2021 – this is up from 5,532 at the time of the Paris Agreement 2015. Disclosures slowed slightly due to covid but “each year is a much bigger leap than we expected from the previous year", explained Nicolette Bartlett, executive director at CDP. 

The food and beverage sector had the third highest number of disclosures (876), with plastic manufacturers just behind (768).

Once data has been disclosed, companies ideally set science-based targets to reduce emissions in line with 1.5°C.  However, just 8% (1,054) have had their targets verified by the Science-based Targets Initiative.

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