Footprint is a community of sustainability professionals. There isn’t an aspect of responsible business complexity that we cannot help you address.

Footprint’s principle is that sustainability is efficiency in supply chains and competitive advantage through reputational success; whether you are seeking solutions to comms, engagement, technical, supply-chain or in operations, our consultancy services offer significant return on investment in the short, mid and long-term.

Recent wins:

  • £ millions in savings: a recent food waste project identified £2.8m in food waste cost saving for 10% reduction in food waste across the three sub-brands targeted.
  • Hotspots for interventions: spoilage reduced by 64% during a recent food waste audit by highlighting need for correct portioning and cooking to order.
  • Deeper insight, more effective actions. Fosters deep understanding of issues in practice, providing management with direct insight into real-life behaviours whilst identifying hotspots: identifying over £400K savings in dessert takeaway boxes for one sub-brand through more efficient staff practices.

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