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Labels v taxes: which way to cut carbon?

Politicians need to encourage a shift to sustainable diets in the fight against climate change. The big question is how. What does a kilo of greenhouse gases buy you in the supermarket? Researchers at Lancaster University and RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, analysed 1,718 global warming potential values in 168 fresh foods to find out. The…
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Spider-Man’s power and sticking up for foodservice.

IGD has forecast that the food-to-go market is set to rocket in the next five years. Sales will hit £21.7 billion by 2021, compared with a meagre £16.1 billion this year. There will be more options at supermarkets and garage forecourts, the analysts predicted, as well as an expansion in “specialist” outlets and of course…
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Sausages with a side order of stationery

Delivering post with the potatoes and backhauling waste to maximise the final mile. It’s logistics in a logical world. Amy Fetzer reports. First it is the food order, another doorbell signals some stationery, whilst the next interruption is for empties. And so it goes on. Deliveries and collections can be disruptive, interrupting the flow of…
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Less meat, more beet

Vegetarians might be turned off by plant-based burgers that sizzle and bleed, but it’s just the start of innovation that will place meat-free front and centre, says Emily Byrd. Increasing demand for healthy, sustainable foods coupled with innovations in food science has elevated meatless alternatives to new heights of quality. Those who suffered through the…
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Will this be the breakthrough year for equal pay?

Appointing more women to senior roles has long been a priority for companies seeking to present themselves as inclusive places to work. Yet while the journey towards gender diversity in the corporate world has been steady – if a little plodding – progress towards pay equality has been far slower. For those pushing the equal…
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Will EU plans hold water?

As governments across Europe struggle with shortages, Brussels hopes to boost use of wastewater to irrigate crops. But are consumers ready, asks Valerie Flynn. As the warm summer months arrive, ask yourself this: would you eat food grown on land that had been irrigated with treated wastewater? It’s a question that governments across Europe will…
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The Future of Food: What Do Consumers Want?

The Food Standards Agency’s findings on THE people’s vision for 2050 will both inspire and alarm the industry. What might the world’s food industry look like in 2050? Businesses, politicians and environmentalists all have their own visions. Some of them align; some of them don’t. But what do consumers think? The Food Standards Agency has…
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Consumers are turning to soy, almond and coconut milk out of health and environmental concerns.

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The next green thing: Personalised nutrition

Diet advice aimed at the general population isn’t doing the job. Could personally tailored recommendations based on genetic testing be the answer? By Nick Hughes. How do you get people to eat a healthy diet? It’s a question that has flummoxed policymakers in the UK for years with no real sense that they have hit…
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