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McDonald’s reached Certified Fibre milestone for packaging in Europe

MCDONALD'S has announced that as of October 2015, all centrally-sourced packaging that is distributed across its 38 European markets is chain-of-custody certified, with wood fibre coming from recycled sources or forests certified to one of two globally recognised standards for responsible forest management: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard or a Programme for Endorsement of Forest…
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Sodexo welcomes innovative diverse suppliers into supply chain

THE NEW SUPPLY Chain Inclusion programme launched this summer by Sodexo aimed to open up new markets for small to medium sized suppliers. Three months on and a third of its participants are being welcomed into Sodexo’s supply chain.   As a people-based business, Sodexo recognises that there is a very clear business case for…
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MP’s and hospitality industry leaders meet

33 MPs FROM across the UK took part in a day in Parliament this week, highlighting the importance of the hospitality and tourism industry to economic sustainability.                   Industry leaders are asking the government for policy reforms to help make it more competitive with rival tourist destinations,…
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Footprint Poll: Sustainable procurement

Sustainable supply chains are increasingly in vogue. Is sustainability among your priorities when buying for your business and what do your customers think about it?   When ordering food or non-food related goods and services what % is ordered online?   20% said None 60% said 0-25% 20% said 25-50%   How important is it…
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