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Government’s waste proposals: what you need to know

Four consultations promise a huge shake-up. But with time tight and Brexit looming, the debate over detail will be key. By David Burrows. The government has published four consultations that will “overhaul the waste system, cut plastic pollution, and move [the country] towards a more circular economy”. The proposals cover extended producer responsibility (EPR), waste…
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Restaurants stand to scoop food waste windfall

Restaurants that invest in food waste reduction could see a 600% return on their investment, according to a new report. Research for the World Resources Institute (WRI) for the Champions 12.3 coalition studied 100 restaurants across 12 countries to explore the savings they made from reducing kitchen waste. They found that for every US$1 restaurants…
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Analysis: Why the silence from the high-street health alliance?

Brexit is weighing heavy on the industry – but is that why the ambitious project is keeping quiet on its first year’s progress? Brexit is all-consuming. So say 32 food and drink trade associations which claimed last week their members have neither “the physical resources nor organisational bandwidth” to deal with policy matters unrelated to…
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Amaranth and moringa on the sustainability menu

Ancient grains and novel vegetables should become more mainstream to ensure that future diets are healthier and more sustainable, according to a joint report from Knorr and WWF. The Future 50 Foods report identifies 50 foods that the authors say should be eaten more commonly because they are nutritious, have a lower impact on the…
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Gove pledges to protect food standards

Michael Gove has promised that post-Brexit food standards will be not be lowered after coming under pressure from farmers at the NFU’s annual conference. Questioning Gove during a Q&A session after his speech in Birmingham, NFU president Minette Batters asked the Environment Secretary to put a guarantee in writing that he would support a new…
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New “portion wise” guide launched

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has launched a practical guide to portion sizes called “Find Your Balance”. The guide uses simple hand and spoon measurements to help consumers estimate appropriate portions, when cooking and serving food. It is designed to complement the Government’s Eatwell Guide, which provides guidance on the proportions of the main food…
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Footprint trends 2019: fake steak is heading for your plate

Forget the lab-built burger, now it’s all about cultured steak, says David Burrows. In recent years, millions of pounds have been ploughed into developing meat products that don’t require any animals to be slaughtered. The big meat processors have also made “strategic” investments in this area of food tech. “The prototypes are incredibly compelling,” Liz…
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Government told to delay plastics consultations

Food groups are pushing for consultations on a plastics tax and a new deposit return scheme to be postponed while the industry deals with the fallout from Brexit. Sky News reported this week that 32 trade associations, including UK Hospitality and the Food and Drink Federation, have written to Environment Secretary Michael Gove saying they…
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Brits urged to eat more mackerel after Brexit

The government should encourage the British public to eat more oily fish species caught by British vessels after Brexit, according to a report. The most popular species in the UK like cod and haddock have to be largely imported, while species that are plentiful in UK waters such as mackerel and herring are mostly exported…
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Link farm payments to obesity plans, say experts

EU Member States should be required to develop healthy diet plans in order to unlock farm payments, according to a new report. The idea is one of 80 concrete proposals set out in a new Common Food Policy for Europe which also calls for food suppliers to be accountable for ensuring their supply chains are…
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