Out of Home sector news

  • Zero waste law could bring huge savings

    Scotland has some new waste regulations in place . But what they mean for the foodservice industry? Iain Gulland explains.   BUSINESSES OPERATING in Scotland’s catering sector will be required to sort and present food waste and other key recyclable… Read More

  • Low-carbon procurement is high value

    NEW COMMITMENTS made by leading UK companies and government departments in three joint ‘Procurement Compacts’ will drive low carbon sourcing in more than £1bn of spending.   The new initiative, spearheaded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)… Read More

  • KFC – The Colonel’s recipe for deforestation

    Greenpeace activists have undertaken their second action of the day against Kentucky Fried Chicken, the UK’s third biggest fast food retailer, by placing a giant replica of a KFC family bucket outside of KFC’s flagship store on Oxford Street.  The… Read More

  • Sandwiches need clearer labelling

    SANDWICHES CAN contain a fairly thick slice of daily guidelines amounts of fat and salt, according to a new report by Which?   The research, which focussed on sandwiches bought through retailers, found that contents varied so widely that a… Read More

  • Biodiversity declines

    THE WORLD is consuming 50% more natural resources than the planet can produce. This is putting “huge pressure” on biodiversity and left us in a “danger zone”.                          … Read More

  • Why Footprint Awards isn’t just another awards!

    FOOTPRINT AWARDS 2012: The inaugural Footprint Awards in 2011 were proof of concept; to minimise the impact of an awards scheme and remain true to the mantra of being the antithesis of the typical industry awards. Our objective was to create… Read More

  • GM protest peaceful

    TRIALS USING wheat genetically modified to resist pests have survived the weekend. For week protestors had been publicly planning to “decontaminate” the site at Rothamsted Research Station where the GM crop is being grown. The’Take Back the Flour’ group fears… Read More

  • Raymond Blanc wins Special Achievement Award 2012

    Sadly Raymond Blanc could not join in on the festivities as he was in Paris promoting London 2012 at the British Embassy in Paris. He had these words to say about progress on sustainability in the hospitality business. His Award… Read More

  • Winners & Runners Up Announcement: Footprint Awards 2012

    IN A glittering ceremony that told a story of sustainability, last night’s “Footprint Awards” at the stunning 8 Northumberland in London, rewarded its winners for their contributions to sustainability and environmental excellence.         Details of the winners… Read More

  • Footprint Awards 2012 Programme

    For us this booklet has enormous significance. It allows us to restate our objectives and holds us to account for what has actually been achieved through the Footprint Awards. Our vision for this Souvenir Programme is for it to become… Read More