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FPA Environment Seminar

The Foodservice Packaging Association has announced its second Environment Seminar, following on from the success of the first Environment Seminar held in January 2010 when more than 100 members debated key environmental issues. The Seminar is being held at the Chesford Grange Hotel on Thursday January 13 2011 from 2.00pm to 4.45pm. The theme is…
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Footprint Awards 2011 Headline Sponsor Nestlé

Neil Stephens from Nestle Professional talks about the entering the Footprint Awards 2011 and why it is important to recognise the efforts being made in sustainability in the Foodservice Industry. Neil also talks about how the future and how consumer awareness of sustainability issues Out of Home will play a part in customer choice. Get…
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Neil Whittall – Huhtamaki UK and Foodservice Packaging Association

Neil Whittall from Huhtamaki UK and the Foodservice Packaging Association speaks to Footprint Forum about the challenges in food packaging for the foodservice industry. It quickly becomes clear that the issues for food packaging and packaging waste are not straight forward and that you need a mindset that looks at recycling and upcycling potential for…
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Footprint Forum – An introduction to sustainability

Featuring interviews with speakers and panelists from the first Footprint Forum on Sustainability. Cyrus Todiwala, Chef Patron at Cafe Spice Nemaste give some key messages about the environment, sustainability and what the foodservice industry needs to get to grips with if the industry is to be sustainabile into the future. Also interviewed is Glenn Roberts…
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Game on for Glory

There are many benefits to serving game - it is British, wild, natural, free range, fully traceable and sustainable. It is also a healthy alternative to many red meats and the increasing growth in sales year on year proves that the demand is there from customers. And it is very cost effective as all cuts…
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Cutting The Crop

In her first interview as Environment Secretary,Caroline Spelman, who has a background in biotech lobbying, has indicated the new coalition government’s unprecedented pro-GM stance, backing wider selling and growing of so called ‘Frankenfood’ and bringing this highly contentious issue once more to the fore. In the Guardian interview, the head of DEFRA said she was…
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Festival fare

It takes an army of casual workers to make the Glastonbury Festival tick and a special woman in charge to make sure the battalions are fed and watered in a sustainable manner. Footprint finds out how it is done. Glastonbury Festival, the iconic music jamboree, even though sadly Bono-less this year as Footprint goes to…
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Footprint Forum – Sustainable Sourcing – March 2010

In March 2010 the Footprint Forum - the leading Forum for debating sustainability issues in the Foodservice industry - was held at Brakes Innovation Centre in Central London. Hear comments from Neil Stephens of Nestle Professional, Ian Booth of Reynolds, James Armitage of Brakes, Lee Woodger of the NFU and more..
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Your money or your… Accreditation

Food accreditation is everywhere now – but who is certifying the certifiers?   The phrase 'uncertified organic' is cropping up (apologies) more and more regularly, to describe product from farmers who follow organic practices but bluntly refuse, on either moral or fiscal grounds, to pay an organisation large sums of money to tell them and…
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