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Foodservice told to slash food waste by 50%

The government has called on hospitality and foodservice businesses to halve their food waste by 2030, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3. More businesses should also adopt the Wrap and IGD Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, which helps companies measure, report and reduce their food waste. The new pledge, published ahead the “Step up…
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Greenwash: the dirty word is back

In the post-Blue Planet era of anti-plastic sentiment, dubious claims regarding biodegradability and sustainability are on the rise, finds David Burrows. But are companies being crafty or just confused? Last year, Ancol Pet Products ran the following claim on its website for a product it was selling: "Refill Poop Bag Rolls … These thick waste…
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Food strategy lead pledges ‘radical solutions’

Henry Dimbleby has said he wants his food strategy for England “to reach the parts other strategies don’t reach” after confirming that the terms of reference for the strategy have been signed off by the government. The Leon co-founder and co-author of The School Food Plan, who also serves as lead non-executive board member at…
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‘Net zero’ requires 20% drop in meat eating

A UK target for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 can only be achieved by shifting towards healthier diets with reduced consumption of beef, lamb and dairy products. That’s according to the UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC) which this week released its much-anticipated report recommending the government adopts new targets for net-zero emissions by…
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Organic sales break $100bn mark

Worldwide organic food and drink sales topped US$100bn for the first time in 2018 driven by greater availability, including via out of home channels. Global sales increased by 6% to US$105bn last year, according to a new report by Ecovia Intelligence, with North America and Europe accounting for around a 90% share. Rising consumer awareness…
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Dishing up data on digital marketing

Online marketing of unhealthy products needs to be tightened up, according to the World Health Organisation, but the UK food industry doesn’t agree. Children in Europe are still “regularly exposed to digital marketing of many unhealthy products”, including foods high in fat, salt and sugar [HFSS] and alcoholic drinks. That was the conclusion of WHO’s…
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Climate protests should act as a wake-up call

Businesses planning to keep their heads down in the hope that calls for change fizzle out are likely to be disappointed, argues Nick Hughes. What should businesses make of the Extinction Rebellion climate protests that have brought paralysis to parts of Central London over the Easter period? At a practical level, many food businesses located…
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EU faces legal challenge to meat ruling

The Vegan Society has launched a legal challenge to EU plans to ban the use of traditional names like burger and sausage for vegan and vegetarian foods, describing the measures as “irrational” and “motivated by economic concerns”. Earlier this month, the European Parliament’s agriculture committee approved a ban on producers using nomenclature usually used for…
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Fish feed threatens marine collapse

The use of wild fish to feed farmed fish is threatening food security and risking a collapse of marine life, according to campaigners. A new report published by the Changing Markets Foundation and Compassion in World Farming claims that the practice of harvesting millions of tonnes of fish from the wild every year to produce…
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Comment: The failure of food charity

We need to slap a giant ‘out of date’ label on the current model of charitable food assistance, argues Dan Crossley of the Food Ethics Council Foodservice businesses might be tempted to think it a case of job done if they are redistributing all of their surplus food to people in need. However, this is…
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