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Brands stuck in plastic ‘comfort zone’

The latest Plastic Pact results show targets being missed, terrible news on reuse and more than a third of packaging still unrecyclable. David Burrows reports. Last week the Ellen MacArthur Foundation managed to spin some decent news from its global commitment on plastic packaging. This week it was the turn of Wrap to announce “strong progress” against…
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Is regenerative the future of farming?

A shift to regenerative agriculture underpins the net-zero plans of many food businesses. But does this seductive term have any substance, asks Nick Hughes? Nestlé is investing CHF1.2bn (£960m) in regenerative agriculture across its supply chain. Compass says 70% of its top five food categories will be sourced from regenerative agriculture by 2030. First Milk…
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‘Peak’ plastic claims hide poor progress

The narrative spun by big food and drink brands of progress on plastic packaging is deeply flawed according to data just released. David Burrows reports. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) and the United Nations Environment Programme have claimed that the use of virgin plastic has peaked, at least among signatories to the new plastics economy…
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NET-ZERO NOTEBOOK: Cats, coalduggery and the climate

COP26 didn’t quite flop, but a failure to consider food system emissions has left it up to businesses to act. David Burrows reports.  “[…] it’s a Schrödinger’s cat situation in that [1.5°C] is dead and alive for now – and we’ll only know which it really is when we measure emissions in the coming years,” said Imperial…
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The heat in the meat debate

Consumption of meat fell 17% in the 10 years to 2019. That’s good news for the planet but not producers. David Burrows reports. Average meat consumption per capita per day has fallen 17% – from 103.7g in 2008 to 86.3g in 2019, according to research published in The Lancet. Using data recorded in the National Diet and Nutrition…
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Degradable debate refuses to go away

Those promoting the benefits of oxobiodegradable plastics are about to find out whether UK regulators are on their side. David Burrows reports. An image popped into my inbox last week. It showed the plastic bags containing the interpreter headsets for the UK presidency programme at COP26. These were marked ‘oxobiodegradable’ – the controversial packaging that shows…
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Pandemic parks progress on sustainable plates

New research finds grounds for positivity despite foodservice businesses lagging supermarkets on key sustainability indicators. Nick Hughes reports. The Food Foundation last month published the latest update on its Plating up Progress initiative which tracks how 29 leading UK food businesses – 11 supermarkets and 18 restaurant, catering and wholesale companies – are performing on key health…
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Compass’s net-zero captain

Carolyn Ball has the transformative task of delivering the catering giant’s pledge to become a net-zero business by 2030. She spoke with Nick Hughes. As the crucial COP26 climate summit in Glasgow enters its final week major organisations yet to commit to a net-zero future are increasingly becoming isolated within the business community. Compass is…
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Foodservice picks up the pace in net-zero race

Footprint’s analysis of new carbon reporting data suggests a lack of engagement from the sector, but has a corner been turned? By David Burrows. Food could be responsible for 34% of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), making transformation of the food system a critical part of the net-zero ambition. However, only 26 of the world’s…
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Plastics Package: Good cops; bad cops; and cop outs

This month’s Package is drunk on Coke’s bottle problem but will do the low carbon can-can if the COP climate talks are a success. By David Burrows. “As we enter the run-up to COP26, the question of the role material production can play in meeting [greenhouse gas] reduction targets has not been raised at all,” noted an early…
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