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Industry bread code leaves sour taste

A row is developing over a proposal to set new criteria for the labelling of sourdough bakery products in the UK market. A group of five industry bodies has drawn up a new code of practice that aims to clarify the term sourdough and prevent misinformation when it is applied to products in the UK…
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Parents thwarting kids’ desire to eat less meat

Young people are finding it difficult to eat less meat despite expressing a desire to do so. Research by the Eating Better alliance found that whilst 29% of 11-18 year old meat eaters want to reduce their meat consumption, 84% still eat meat three times a week or more. Survey respondents who wanted to eat…
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Obesity and food standards top election priorities

Tackling obesity and maintaining UK food standards are among the priorities food sector stakeholders have set out ahead of next month’s general election. The Food and Drink Federation, in its manifesto, urged the next government to tackle obesity and other dietary concerns “through a holistic, evidence-based partnership which reflects real lifestyles”. It said that the…
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Three to follow in 2020

Nick Hughes shines a spotlight on a trio of start-ups whose innovative concepts are lining up to become the next big thing in the food sector. If you want to get a feel for the trends that will shape the food sector in 2020 a good place to start is with its entrepreneurs. Earlier this…
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Paper and compostables are “pretend” solutions to single-use

Food companies are investing in “risky” new packaging solutions and recycling technologies instead of prioritising refill and reuse systems, according to Greenpeace. “Companies have obscured the true impacts of packaging behind confusing marketing terms, sustainability language, and industry alliances, hoping that consumers will continue to believe the false promise that plastic can be improved,” noted…
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Burger King not keen on calorie counting

“I don’t think anybody can dictate to the consumer what it is they want to enjoy.” So said Jose Cil, the boss of Burger King’s American parent, Restaurant Brands International (RBI). In an interview with the Sunday Times, Cil suggested that “quality food, choice and transparency” were more important than cutting calories (Burger King’s Texas…
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Campaigners warn of “pesticide cocktail” increase

Mixtures of pesticides commonly found in UK food, water and soil may be harming the health of both humans and wildlife, according to a new report.  However, some experts have rubbished some of the claims made in the research, which has not been peer-reviewed. The Pesticide Action Network UK and the Soil Association claimed that…
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Unleashing the potential of your data

Extracting full value from the abundance of data businesses generate can be a costly, time-consuming and overwhelming exercise, but the potential financial and ethical benefits are considerable, writes Nick Hughes. What’s the most valuable commodity in the world? If your answer is gold or diamonds or any other precious metal or gemstone you’re almost certainly…
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Food brands sign up to refill pilot

High street brands including Leon and Costa have signed up to a new pilot which will highlight outlets where customers can purchase food and drink in reusable containers. The pilot marks the expansion of the Refill campaign whose app provides the location of over 30,000 independent businesses, transport hubs and retailers across the UK where…
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Burger King to launch plant-based patty

Unilever has struck a deal with Burger King to supply its first plant-based burger for the UK market. The new Rebel Whopper will be made by The Vegetarian Butcher, the Dutch company that Unilever acquired in December last year. It will be launched simultaneously in over 2,500 Burger King restaurants across 25 countries in Europe…
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