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University caterer cuts carbon and increases profits

Removing beef and lamb from the menu and promoting plant-based food options has had a “dramatic effect” on food-related carbon emissions at Cambridge University. In October 2016, the University Catering Service (UCS), which is responsible for 14 outlets across the University and over 1,500 hospitality events each year, introduced a new sustainable food policy. Key…
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IPCC report row: getting to the meat of the matter

All summer long debate has raged about a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its apparent advocacy of lower-meat diets. With some predicting the eruption of a full-blown culture war, Nick Hughes unpicks what the report actually says and the implications for food businesses. Let’s cut to the chase. Does the…
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Companies failing to set dietary targets

Food companies are failing to set targets that support a shift to more sustainable diets, new research has found. None of the UK’s largest retailers, caterers or restaurants have clearly defined targets that align with the need to shift away from animal products, according to a report from the Food Climate Research Network at the…
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Cup charges and plastic bans in Scotland

The Scottish Government is to introduce a Circular Economy Bill, paving the way for a charge on single-use cups. This year’s Programme for Government, announced by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon this week, also includes the development of regulations needed to roll out a national deposit return scheme for drinks containers. There was also a commitment…
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Report sets out ’10-step plan’ for halving food waste

Governments and businesses are being challenged to step up action on food waste in order to meet the challenge of halving food loss and waste by 2030. A new report by the World Resources Institute (WRI) identifies the “massive” scale of the challenge to meet the SDG target with nearly a third of all food…
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Review raises nutrition standards for public sector pie

A government review of nutritional standards for public sector food will cause caterers to miss out on lucrative contracts unless they up their game, writes Nick Hughes. Caterers looking to grab a slice of the £2bn public sector food market will soon have to raise their game on healthy food provision. Earlier this month, the…
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New proposals to tackle unhealthy OOH sector

Foodservice businesses in Scotland could soon have to show calorie contents on their menus as the government’s advisors announced a raft of measures to make food eaten out of home (OOH) healthier. The recommendations – put forward in a public meeting of the Food Standards Scotland (FSS) board last week and backed by science and…
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The Next Green Thing: Seaweed

Did you know that feeding seaweed to cattle and sheep can significantly cut the emissions of the greenhouse gas methane – a by-product of the animals’ burping? Nick Hughes explains… Hang on a minute, I’ve been ordering crispy seaweed for years in my Chinese takeaway…..Actually, you’ve probably been eating deep-fried spring greens, although in any…
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Greggs is on a vegan roll

Greggs is planning to release vegan versions of many of its best-selling items, according to CEO Roger Whiteside. The innovation team at the high street chain are “plugging away” to come up with the new lines, said Whiteside in an interview with LBC. "If we can succeed in doing that and produce something that tastes…
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Plastic pollution health risks: we need to know more, says WHO

Microplastics in drinking water “don’t appear to pose a health risk” at current levels but there are a number of “gaps” in the research, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). “Quality-assured toxicological data are needed on the most common forms of plastic particles relevant for human health risk assessment,” WHO noted in its new…
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