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No surprise that Tesco ditches carbon label

When he launched a project to label all 70,000 products in his supermarket’s portfolio, Sir Terry Leahy was undaunted  by the task: “Many of those people who talk about the need for a carbon currency say it is too complicated to develop; that it will take years. However, at Tesco, we believe in action, in…
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Tesco carbon labels come unstuck

In 2007 Tesco launched what it called a “revolution in green consumption” which would see all its 70,000 products go through carbon footprint analysis and receive an accompanying carbon label. Five years and 500 labels on, the project has been ditched.   Reports suggested the supermarket had become frustrated by the lack of activity among…
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The Olympic Games in London 2012 may not meet its sustainability goals unless sponsors start taking on some of the burden. According to reports in the Financial Times, the head of the organising committee, David Stubbs, said of the targets: “We know we can’t do this on our own.” The London 2012 Games has been…
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Footprint Comment: Osborne’s call to mediocrity

George Osborne declared last week ‘Let’s at the very least resolve that we’re going to cut our carbon emissions no slower but also no faster than our fellow countries in Europe’. To put this into context under the Climate Change Act, the government is legally bound to cut Britain’s carbon emissions by 34 per cent…
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Cutting The Crop

In her first interview as Environment Secretary,Caroline Spelman, who has a background in biotech lobbying, has indicated the new coalition government’s unprecedented pro-GM stance, backing wider selling and growing of so called ‘Frankenfood’ and bringing this highly contentious issue once more to the fore. In the Guardian interview, the head of DEFRA said she was…
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Your money or your… Accreditation

Food accreditation is everywhere now – but who is certifying the certifiers?   The phrase 'uncertified organic' is cropping up (apologies) more and more regularly, to describe product from farmers who follow organic practices but bluntly refuse, on either moral or fiscal grounds, to pay an organisation large sums of money to tell them and…
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