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Out of home sector news analysis. Get the inside track on the key stories breaking in the out of home food and drink sector, from Footprint’s expert researchers and editorial team.

Waste paper makes uncomfortable reading

THE ENVIRONMENT Agency and Forestry Commission are among organisations given the thumb-down by a new report on efficient use of paper.                       More than a few organisations and public bodies that strive to be green have been left red-faced following the publication of a new…
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Access all areas

TWO-THIRDS of foodservice companies believe their supply chains should be open to public scrutiny. However, a third feel their doors should remain closed, according to an exclusive poll carried out at foodservicefootprint.com.                         The survey followed McDonald’s decision to recruit a number of customers…
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Biofuels: from darling to demon

WHAT A DIFFERENCE a decade makes. Just a few years ago biofuels were being hailed by politicians and environmentalists alike as the tool to relieve the world of its dependency on oil. Times have changed, and so have opinions on using food crops for fuel.   “Biofuel crops not only displace food crops but are…
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Monthly market insight

Christopher Clare, Prestige Purchasing's head of insight gives Footprint the first in a series of quick walkthrough guides in the world of food and drink supply markets.   Overview CPI (Consumer Price Index) is up 0.2% compared to last month (2.7% to 2.9%), whilst food inflation is down by 0.5 percentage points (4.4% to 3.9%).…
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Demystifying the deep

A NEW online tool will help foodservice businesses compare and contrast the 16 seafood certification schemes on the market.                             Sustainable sourcing of seafood is one of the most difficult challenges facing foodservice businesses. It is also one of the most high-profile.…
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A peek behind the Golden Arches

MCDONALD'S HAS decided to open its supply chain up to the public but is it a genuine attempt to be more transparent or a marketing stunt?                           At a recent food safety conference in York, Sainsbury’s head of quality and supplier performance, Alec…
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Carbon food fight

A NEW report suggests the UK is importing vast amounts of high-carbon products, including food.   Do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news is that carbon emissions from UK production have fallen by 20% in the past two decades (that’s probably where politicians hoped the Committee on Climate Change’s latest report ended).…
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The Political Print: Thatcher and NGO’s

WHEN YOU associate Margaret Thatcher with food the first thought that springs to mind is probably milk. Yet the Iron Lady’s legacy to the industry is far greater than denying kids a free glass of the white stuff.   Supporters would, with some justification, argue that the food system we now have – characterised by bountiful…
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Accounting for the environment

LARGE BUSINESSES will have to divulge more than financial data each year under proposed changes to European accounting laws.                           This year the UK’s largest companies will have to get to grips with manda- tory carbon reporting. But soon they could be asked to…
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Have you been caught out?

FIRST IT was horse burgers, now it is fish fraud. Foodservice companies need to ask some tough questions of their suppliers.                           There's rarely a dull moment when it comes to food traceability at the moment. According to research reported on the BBC's…
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