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Waste watch sponsored by 3663

DON’T FORGET that landfill tax is about to go up again. As part of the landfill tax escalator – designed to encourage the diversion of waste from landfill - waste disposal costs rise by £8 per tonne each year.   When you read this it’ll be £64 to send a tonne of waste to landfill,…
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Supersize ban hits stumbling block

THE INTRODUCTION of a ban on large sugary drinks in New York has stalled with a judge having declared it “arbitrary and capricious”. Meanwhile, the UK is facing a similar public health u-turn with the government stumbling in its bid to introduce minimum pricing on alcohol.     The government had been set to introduce…
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The political print

THE COALITION has reached the halfway stage of its term in office, and the promise to be “the greenest government ever” is proving a heavy burden to carry.   In the government’s recent mid-term review document, the first acknowledgement of the pledge is conveniently tucked away on page 18, quickly followed by the ominous caveat that “in…
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Indie café or ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’?

HAVE YOU ever been to a Tesco café? The coffee might as well be instant, the food all tastes of beige and don’t even consider using the toilets. Morrisons isn’t much better. TripAdvisor had a review recently for Morrisons café in Wisbech which about sums it up: “Prices acceptable and food and drink OK. Certainly…
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Expert analysis on mackerel by Paul Cox

IN RECENT years, mackerel has been celebrated by chefs and conservationists as healthy, cheap, sustainable and locally caught – the way out of our addiction to cod. We took to it with gusto and before we know it the species has been downgraded from the Marine Conservation Society’s “Good to Eat” list.      …
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No return for the mack?

FEARS OF overfishing may put mackerel's comeback on hold as customers face a tough choice between eating healthily and sustainably.   What a difference two years make. This time in 2011, mackerel was riding on the crest of a wave – in plentiful supply, promoted as part of a healthy diet thanks to its high…
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Zero waste heros

UNILEVER, NESTLÉ UK&I and 3663 are setting an example for caterers facing the tricky task of sending less waste to landfill, writes David Burrows.                            Dealing with waste in a sector like foodservice isn’t easy – the lines of responsibility are easily blurred.…
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How £90m a year is going up in smoke

A GROUNDBREAKING study reveals the huge amounts of energy wasted by contract caterers but there are massive savings to be made by companies willing to invest.   It's seven o’clock in the morning and staff are preparing the kitchens for the hungry breakfast crowd. The grill goes on ready for a hard morning’s work and…
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Spoiler Alert: The next green thing

ENERGY OPTIMISATION - Strong currents   Here's something you might not know: the declared electricity supply in the UK is 230 volts with a tolerance of ±10%. Yet the voltage supplied to you will typically be around 245V. Most appliances will work more efficiently and use less electricity at a much lower voltage. This means…
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Latest statements on horsemeat scandal, as of February 13th

Note: The Food Standards Agency statement for caterers is available here.   ARAMARK statement:   “We can’t speak for the catering industry and weren’t present at today’s meeting.  From our standpoint, all ARAMARK-authorised suppliers of products containing meat and processed meat have confirmed to us that the products do not contain horsemeat.”   Sodexo statement:…
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