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Balancing desire and ethics

FOOTPRINT ANALYSES the results of the results of three reports to identify the sustainability expectations of diners.                       There was a time when consumers left their ethics at the front door when eating out. Not any more. A combination of everything from macro-economics to the media…
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The Political Print: DEFRA’s Sustainable Consumption report

YOU MAY well have missed DEFRA’s “Sustainable Consumption Report”, such was the low-key way in which it was ushered into the public domain. No sooner had MPs loaded their Audis and decamped to the south of France for summer recess than the follow-up to the Green Food Project made its taciturn appearance, bereft even of an accompanying press release.…
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Monthly market insight

CHRISTOPHER CLARE, Prestige Purchasing's head of insight gives Footprint an update of market analysis for September.    Overview   The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is indicating that the rate of annual inflation has dropped slightly when compared to last month (from 2.8% to 2.7%).   The rate of food inflation has increased however from 4.4%…
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Money to burn

ENERGY COSTS for UK caterers could rise by 20% to over £920m by 2020, so why are they wasting so much?                      The Carbon Trust has revealed that caterers could save 3p per meal on energy as it launches a Cut Costs and Carbon Calculator (first…
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Forgotten fruits

DID YOU know that the UK has one of the largest fruit collections in the world? The National Fruit Collection, owned by Defra, is home to 3,500 named apple, pear, plum, cherry, bush fruit, vine and cob nut cultivars. It’s part of an international programme to protect plant genetic resources for the future.      …
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The political print

DAVID CAMERON was rightly lauded for extracting $4.15 billion (£2.8 billion) from the world’s richest nations to tackle child malnutrition at the London hunger summit. The UK, which already has an impressive track record of maintaining aid during austere times, has itself committed an additional £375m of core funding and £280m matched funding over the next…
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A head for fajitas

HEADTEACHERS AND their relationship with catering staff are central to the success of the new school food plan. But will it help increase 'stubbornly low' levels of take-up?                           When Simon Barber took over Carshalton Boys Sports College 10 years ago, only 4%…
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When will the penny drop?

FOOD WASTE recycler PDM is hoping to convince more hospitality businesses to separate their food waste. It won't be easy, but there's £90m riding on it.                   It might feel that there’s a war being waged on restaurants and foodservice companies to cut food waste. “Chefs are not…
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Waste paper makes uncomfortable reading

THE ENVIRONMENT Agency and Forestry Commission are among organisations given the thumb-down by a new report on efficient use of paper.                       More than a few organisations and public bodies that strive to be green have been left red-faced following the publication of a new…
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Access all areas

TWO-THIRDS of foodservice companies believe their supply chains should be open to public scrutiny. However, a third feel their doors should remain closed, according to an exclusive poll carried out at foodservicefootprint.com.                         The survey followed McDonald’s decision to recruit a number of customers…
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