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Poultry production must peak in 2022

Campaigners want to see legal limits on intensive poultry production and caterers to push plants over poultry in schools and hospitals. David Burrows reports. The UK government must introduce a ban on new intensive poultry sheds and remove industrial chicken meat from menus in schools and hospitals, according to campaigners. Poultry overtook red meat sales…
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Do shoppers have the loot for Loop?

The deposits for Tesco’s new packaging may be hard to swallow but the reuse revival is well underway. By David Burrows. Customers at Tesco can now buy 88 products in prefilled, reusable containers, which are returned, cleaned and then refilled. The trial, initially in 10 stores, is being run in partnership with reuse platform Loop.…
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Trade rows rumble on

The government has committed to protect environmental and animal welfare standards but is struggling to prove it. Nick Hughes reports. Disputes over trade policy have become a post-Brexit news cycle staple as the UK government strives to strike deals around the world. What made the latest altercation especially noteworthy was that the offensive came from…
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Political Print: Will labour be Johnson’s undoing?

The government’s laissez-faire approach to the crisis engulfing UK food supply chains risks storing up long-term problems, says Nick Hughes. As parliament resumed this week the prime ministerial in-tray will have been piled unusually high with issues of national importance. Any one of coronavirus, Afghanistan or social care alone are weighty enough to give most…
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Crunch time for environment bill

This week marked the start of a crucial few weeks for the environment bill, so what should food companies look out for? The environment bill is “at the vanguard of our work to implement the most ambitious environmental programme of any country on earth”, said environment secretary George Eustice last week. The bill obliges the…
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Government steps up purge of single-use plastic

New proposals to ban plates, cutlery and cups may seem like an easy win for ministers, but the arguments over plastic bans will roll on. David Burrows reports. Single-use plastic plates, cutlery and polystyrene cups are among the items that could be banned in England as part of a public consultation due to be launched…
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Lidl moves first in ecolabel race

Labels in Scottish stores are set to spark an autumn rush in sustainability stickers on UK food and drinks. David Burrows reports. Lidl has moved to the front of the food footprinting race in the UK. From this month, 50-or-so of its products will carry the Eco-score label, which combines the carbon impact of products…
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Oats on a roll in milk revolution

Scotland is preparing to expand production of oat milk but Oatly won’t be quaking in its boots just yet. David Burrows reports. Sunday marked World Plant Milk Day. Some might say this is a category that needs little additional exposure, with oat milk leading the charge. Sales are “on fire”, according to a recent report,…
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The great protein punch-up

Alternative proteins like insects, algae and salmon are competing to prove they are the most sustainable meat substitutes. David Burrows reports. It’s no secret that meat is under pressure to justify its place on our plates. The climate change committee wants a 20% reduction in meat (and dairy) consumption come 2030. Ministers aren’t keen to…
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