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Tipping point

Viewed by the trade as yet another potential ‘burden’, the government is proposing legislation intended to keep unscrupulous businesses in the hospitality sector from pocketing a share of their employees’ hard-earned tips. Nick Hughes reports It won’t be the most significant bill passed during this session of parliament – that would be the EU (Withdrawal…
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Analysis: Glass Half Full – Take a little time to unwind

Our monthly round-up of good news takes in an initiative to improve mental health in the workplace and an innovation in sustainable beer bottles. Nick Hughes reports Are over-stressed employees hiding in plain sight in your office or kitchen? Workplace mental health is an issue that is rarely discussed but one that impacts workers in…
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You say ‘bold’, they say ‘knee-jerk and unfair’

The outgoing chief medical officer wants to beat industry with a big regulatory stick to help tackle childhood obesity. Many will therefore be hoping for a prime minister that ignores her evidence and laughs off the crisis as yet more piffle-waffle. The title of Professor Dame Sally Davies’ last report as chief medical officer told…
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CMO’s report on obesity: initial reaction

The chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies has published her analysis of how the government can best tackle childhood obesity.  Within the first page or so it was obvious this was going to be a pretty damning assessment of the current situation: “In the last year of primary school, on average, six children out…
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Footprint Five: the September stories and statistics you might have missed

From farmers fighting back to the plummeting price of eggs, here’s David Burrows’ round-up of the news that may have escaped your attention last month Don’t diss dairy. The health benefits of dairy products are “easy to demonstrate” and most UK consumers are “ethically comfortable” with animal products. However, it’s the climate change argument that…
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Henry Dimbleby: a man with a plan

The Leon co-founder and author of the School Food Plan has been tasked with leading the development of England’s first National Food Strategy in 75 years. He talks to Nick Hughes about why the time is right for a rewiring of the food system, and why foodservice has a key role to play. NH: Given…
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Mandatory trumps voluntary in sugar-reduction report

Having missed one sugar-reduction target the food industry may face tougher government action given the reported success of the soft drinks levy, writes Nick Hughes. Businesses hoping that the latest government update on sugar reduction efforts would reinforce the case for voluntary over mandatory measures were left reeling this month when Public Health England (PHE)…
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Soya’s sustainability under the spotlight

With soya production considered a major driver of deforestation, it’s high time the foodservice industry acted more responsibly when it comes to sourcing this key commodity, writes David Burrows “If 2018 was the year that problems with palm oil (finally) boiled over, this year’s commodity under attack promises to be soya.” I wrote that back…
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OOH ‘hidden sugar’ leads to calls for mandatory labelling

Another day, another analysis of the unhealthy offerings in the UK’s out of home (OOH) sector. What’s the story? Action on Sugar surveyed 191 products from restaurants, cafés and takeaways (including 94 crepes, 12 pancakes, 16 pretzels and 69 waffles and their toppings). What did they find? A lot of sugar. Almost half (42%) of…
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Iceland: the green hero’s halo slips 

First plastics, then palm oil. But is Iceland’s shun-stuff-to-look-sustainable policy all for show? It’s record on soya suggests so, says David Burrows.  In January last year Iceland committed to eliminate plastic packaging from all of its own-brand products by the end of 2023. Three months later, in April, it became the first supermarket in the…
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