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The hospital that’s sick of single-use plastic

Covid-19 reportedly created huge demand for disposable items like cutlery and plates in hospitals. David Burrows finds one that is pioneering reusables across its catering operations. In 2018, NHS England bought at least 163m cups, 16m pieces of plastic cutlery, 15m straws and 2m plastic stirrers. “It’s right that the NHS and our suppliers should…
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Packed lunches, disposable plates and classroom dining

Covid-19 has forced Scotland’s caterers to adapt. But delivery of hot, nutritious food in a sustainable way remains possible despite the pandemic. David Burrows reports. As the first back in after the summer holidays and a long period of lockdown, Scotland’s school caterers are the UK’s guinea pigs. “We get to make all the mistakes,”…
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Chicken without the guilty conscience

The Colonel may still keep his recipe secret but KFC’s new welfare audit offers a look-see into the lives its chickens have. David Burrows reports. Amid all the talk of chlorine washing, cramped cages and razing forests to produce their feed, chickens were due a good news story. And last month we got two. First,…
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Dimbleby keeps us waiting over food system fix

Part one of the restaurateur’s food strategy is elegantly written but damning as it hones in on helping those at immediate risk of hunger. Putting together a compelling vision for a sustainable food system in part two will be much harder, says Nick Hughes. Those hoping for a 10-point plan to fix the food system…
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Obesity plan: game-changer or missed opportunity?

The prime minister has taken decisive action where his predecessor dithered and delayed, but questions persist over whether new measures to reduce obesity will tackle its root causes. Nick Hughes reports. Boris Johnson wants to be remembered as a prime minister who got things done. In this respect, his government’s new obesity plan positions him…
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Is Veganuary contributing to January veg decline?

Data suggests the meat- and dairy-free campaign triggers a surge in demand for convenience plant-based foods rather than fresh vegetables. Should we be worried, asks Nick Hughes. By any measure plant-based eating is one of the defining foods trends of the past few years. So it came as something of a surprise when the Food…
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PPE disposal leads to confusion and cons

The amount of personal protective equipment in circulation is rising fast but there is confusion over how best to dispose of it. David Burrows reports. Foodservice and hospitality businesses have been left baffled by the UK Government’s stance on staff and customers wearing face coverings. Some ministers have been donning masks to collect their lunch…
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Clock ticking on new allergen laws

The Food Standards Agency has published fresh guidance to help foodservice businesses adhere to stricter allergen labelling rules for pre-packed foods. Nick Hughes has the lowdown for businesses. What’s new on allergens? New laws for England, Wales and Northern Ireland mean that from October 1st 2021 all food pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) will be…
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Can Britain build back better after Covid-19?

Institutions, multinationals and the public all want the government to adopt a green recovery plan that is sustainable, resilient and fair, writes Nick Hughes. When a cause unites parties as diverse as the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) it pays to sit…
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