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Unleashing the potential of your data

Extracting full value from the abundance of data businesses generate can be a costly, time-consuming and overwhelming exercise, but the potential financial and ethical benefits are considerable, writes Nick Hughes. What’s the most valuable commodity in the world? If your answer is gold or diamonds or any other precious metal or gemstone you’re almost certainly…
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Extra powers needed to halt surge in “unhealthy” takeaways

New planning policies are needed to restrict the growth of hot food takeaways, according to a new report. Sustain’s analysis found that McDonald’s and KFC are eyeing up 800 new sites in an “aggressive expansion plan”, putting the government’s target to halve childhood obesity by 2030 at risk. A growing body of evidence suggests there…
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The single-use substitution scandal

Businesses and consumers are being greenwashed by anti-plastic NGOs and regulations, says David Burrows. Ball Corporation, a packaging supplier, is to start building a $200m (£155m) aluminium cup manufacturing facility in Georgia, US. It doesn’t say how many cups the new site will kick out, but it’ll be a lot. They’ll be used everywhere from…
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Briefing: Where are we up to with DRS?

Nick Hughes reports on the latest deposit return scheme developments, and outlines how such a scheme might work, and why it might not… Will we ever actually get a deposit return scheme? Yes, as things stand. Powers for a DRS for England, Wales and Northern Ireland are laid down in the Environment Bill, which recently…
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‘Fag packet’ packaging proposed for fight against obesity

Plain packaging would render some of the world’s most iconic food and drink brands unrecognisable and wipe billions from their value. But would people’s health improve? By David Burrows In 2017, at the Scottish Grocers Federation conference, chief executive Pete Cheema gave his opening address against a backdrop of images depicting tobacco-style health warnings on…
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Tipping point

Viewed by the trade as yet another potential ‘burden’, the government is proposing legislation intended to keep unscrupulous businesses in the hospitality sector from pocketing a share of their employees’ hard-earned tips. Nick Hughes reports It won’t be the most significant bill passed during this session of parliament – that would be the EU (Withdrawal…
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Analysis: Glass Half Full – Take a little time to unwind

Our monthly round-up of good news takes in an initiative to improve mental health in the workplace and an innovation in sustainable beer bottles. Nick Hughes reports Are over-stressed employees hiding in plain sight in your office or kitchen? Workplace mental health is an issue that is rarely discussed but one that impacts workers in…
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You say ‘bold’, they say ‘knee-jerk and unfair’

The outgoing chief medical officer wants to beat industry with a big regulatory stick to help tackle childhood obesity. Many will therefore be hoping for a prime minister that ignores her evidence and laughs off the crisis as yet more piffle-waffle. The title of Professor Dame Sally Davies’ last report as chief medical officer told…
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CMO’s report on obesity: initial reaction

The chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies has published her analysis of how the government can best tackle childhood obesity.  Within the first page or so it was obvious this was going to be a pretty damning assessment of the current situation: “In the last year of primary school, on average, six children out…
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Footprint Five: the September stories and statistics you might have missed

From farmers fighting back to the plummeting price of eggs, here’s David Burrows’ round-up of the news that may have escaped your attention last month Don’t diss dairy. The health benefits of dairy products are “easy to demonstrate” and most UK consumers are “ethically comfortable” with animal products. However, it’s the climate change argument that…
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