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PLASTICS PACKAGE: Cup confusion reigns as more cafés reopen

Coffee shops have been left baffled by the advice regarding acceptance of reusable cups, while exclusive research shows consumers haven’t totally bought into the pandemic positivity around single-use packaging. By David Burrows. “There is government advice not to accept any reusable cups for fear of virus transmission and this seems likely to last for some…
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The future of foodservice

Cafés and restaurants will look very different when they reopen, but there are less visible changes needed too, says David Burrows. Before the coffee gets cold is about a café in a small back alley in Tokyo where, sat in a particular chair, customers can travel back in time. It’s a wonderful book, following four…
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Assume plastic plans are dead at your peril

Covid-19 may have put government policies on ice, but anyone hoping they will melt away is set for disappointment, argues Sancroft International’s Felix Gummer. The Covid-19 outbreak has caused the largest disruption to business in the UK since the Second World War. The plastics and packaging industry is certainly no exception, but it would be…
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New protocols help businesses prepare to reopen

Hospitality businesses will welcome new safety protocols, but balancing asepsis with ambience will be tough, says David Burrows. It was March 16th that Boris Johnson advised us all not to go to places like pubs, restaurants and cafés. These businesses could remain open, though, the prime minister said – a baffling move that gave the…
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What’s on hold due to Covid-19?

As political and business leaders focus all their energies on tackling a global pandemic, Nick Hughes looks at the policies, from plastic bans to hospital food plans, that have been put on ice. Plastics It’s hard to believe it was only in January that packaging groups were mourning the death of the single-use food and…
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Plastic problems mount up

Businesses and politicians want to recycle more plastic in the UK, but with policy plans under threat and oil going cheap this won’t be easy. By David Burrows. In the good old days, dealing with our plastic rubbish used to be so easy. Collect it, seal it up and ship it somewhere else was the…
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Hidden Hero: Scott Bentley

With his recuperative ‘care packs’ the coffee aficionado is helping struggling baristas get through the Covid-19 lockdown. By David Burrows. When I call Scott Bentley he is brewing a coffee. He needs the stimulant given that he and Tim Ridley, from United Baristas, have taken it upon themselves to lead the speciality coffee sector through…
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Kimchi or hungry? How Covid-19 has widened the food divide

While wealthier households have expanded their culinary horizons during lockdown, for millions of people the story of food and Covid-19 is one of desperation – and neither is good news for foodservice, writes Nick Hughes. During the early days of the government’s daily coronavirus briefings one phrase was deployed with striking regularity. Covid-19, ministers insisted,…
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A long way to go

More hospitality businesses could reopen in July but there are concerns that social distancing will mean very few are commercially viable. David Burrows reports. When the UK government’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty suggested last month that social distancing could still be in play until Christmas, UK Hospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls said she felt…
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The folly in farm climate claims

Farmers have seized on a recent fall in emissions as evidence that agriculture is not a major contributor to climate change. David Burrows suggests they are mistaken. “We’re living through the biggest carbon crash ever recorded,” reported the BBC this month, citing “multiple sources” that indicate this pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have curbed emissions.…
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