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FSA goes back to the future

For the first time in over a decade health and sustainability is on the Food Standards Agency’s agenda. Nick Hughes considers the implications. On the eve of the 2010 UK general election the Food Standards Agency (FSA) stood at a crossroads. A Labour victory would have allowed the FSA to continue its role as architect…
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BRIEFING: Labour crisis threatens food security

MPs blast the government for failing to grasp the severity of workforce issues facing the food and farming sector. Nick Hughes reports. Select committees are not known for giving governments an easy ride, however the latest report by the environment, food and rural affairs (EFRA) committee is an especially brutal take down of government incompetence and intransigence…
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Plastics Package: Tax-happy Treasury flirts with EPR role

A cash-strapped central government collecting £1.7bn before it is handed out to local authorities … what could go wrong? By David Burrows. Defra has finally published some concrete plans in response to its hefty 2021 consultation on EPR for packaging – or what The Grocer called “the extended producer responsibility packaging tax” (print issue April 2nd,…
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COMMENT: Government must see past junk food chicanery

Ministers are right to look at ways to make food more affordable amid a cost of living crisis, but parking a promotions ban is not one of them, says Nick Hughes. The cost of living crisis is biting and the statistics make for grim reading. Even taking into account measures announced in the chancellor’s spring…
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Foodservice fails to make welfare impact

A new report finds business commitments on animal welfare have not yet translated into substantive improvements on the ground. Nick Hughes reports. Making a sustainability commitment is one thing; delivering against it is another entirely. Some food and drink businesses that have set ambitious packaging targets have already recognised this truism; those beginning their journey to net-zero…
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Footprint’s five things to know: disposable cups

Costa misses target by a country mile, Wrap’s whopping report reveals lowly recycling rates and is Starbucks really eliminating single-use cups? 1. Cup report finally appears. The Foodservice Packaging Association had been wondering if the Wrap/Valpak report on single-use paper cups would ever see the light of day. Indeed, findings had been referenced in a recent…
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INTERVIEW: The man driving Sodexo’s net-zero plan

Sean Haley, UK & Ireland chairman, tells David Burrows about the need for regulation on food waste, the opportunities in adapting menus – and why he encourages scrutiny of the contract caterer’s carbon reduction targets. In a world littered with net-zero commitments it’s not always easy to unpick who is targeting what, let alone how.…
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Henry Dimbleby: Government must double down on food transition

The author of the national food strategy tells Footprint that the Ukraine war is not a reason for the UK to suspend the health and environmental agenda. Nick Hughes reports.      Russia’s war on Ukraine has raised the spectre of a global food crisis with low-income citizens set to bear the brunt of the pain. The UK government…
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Packaging advice leads to cucumber confusion

Wrap has told supermarkets to remove packaging from uncut fresh produce, but is the sustainability case for selling loose watertight for all products? Nick Hughes reports. The relationship between packaging and food waste is one of the harder sustainability puzzles businesses have to solve. It’s also a subject of significant disagreement and debate.  Take, for…
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Heroes from hospitality step forward but supply shocks lie ahead as concerns mount over food security, energy and sustainability. David Burrows reports. 1.Hospitality helps out. Let’s start, if it’s possible, with positive news: how the hospitality sector has swung into action to do all it can to help those seeking refuge from the war. JJ Foodservice…
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