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Companies need to prepare for radical pay transparency

Mandatory reporting on the gender gap could soon be followed by ethnicity, disability and more. By David Burrows. In April 2018, large companies published their first gender pay gap reports. Every one of the 10,528 public and private sector employers required to submit information, did so. What’s more, recent analysis of the data by the…
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Scotland latte levy edges closer

Could Westminster’s rejection of a tax on coffee cups be seen as an opportunity by ministers in Holyrood? David Burrows reports. A charge on disposable cups in Scotland has moved a step closer after the government agreed “in principle” to the idea. However, the commitment – part of a deal struck between the Scottish National…
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Government’s waste proposals: what you need to know

Four consultations promise a huge shake-up. But with time tight and Brexit looming, the debate over detail will be key. By David Burrows. The government has published four consultations that will “overhaul the waste system, cut plastic pollution, and move [the country] towards a more circular economy”. The proposals cover extended producer responsibility (EPR), waste…
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Analysis: Why the silence from the high-street health alliance?

Brexit is weighing heavy on the industry – but is that why the ambitious project is keeping quiet on its first year’s progress? Brexit is all-consuming. So say 32 food and drink trade associations which claimed last week their members have neither “the physical resources nor organisational bandwidth” to deal with policy matters unrelated to…
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Footprint trends 2019: fake steak is heading for your plate

Forget the lab-built burger, now it’s all about cultured steak, says David Burrows. In recent years, millions of pounds have been ploughed into developing meat products that don’t require any animals to be slaughtered. The big meat processors have also made “strategic” investments in this area of food tech. “The prototypes are incredibly compelling,” Liz…
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Feed for thought

Why campaigners are trying to make animal feed a mainstream issue in 2019. By Nick Hughes. Ask your average restaurant diner what they think about the feed behind their food and there’s a fair chance you’ll be greeted with a blank expression. Ask the same question in 12 months’ time and the hope is the…
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Analysis: No more sweeping waste under the carpet

A new strategy suggests the government is finally getting tough on food businesses. By Nick Hughes. Is the government about to get tough on food waste? There was plenty of posturing to that effect in the recently published Waste and Resources Strategy, which sets out the government’s plans to preserve resources by minimising waste, promoting…
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Obesity targets missed but companies have “stepped up”

No country is on track to achieve the adult obesity target, with 39% of the world’s adults overweight or obese and 43.7% of children drinking soda every day, according to a new report. Now in its fifth edition, the Global Nutrition Report tracks country progress against nine of the global nutrition targets. It is the…
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Glass half full: M&S puts the green in greengrocer

Retailer ditches plastic punnets and best-before dates while Scotland gets its first plastic-free grocer. By Nick Hughes. One month into 2019 and plastic still dominates the sustainability agenda. With the majority of initiatives focused on switching to more sustainable packaging alternatives, Marks & Spencer has taken a more retro step by introducing trained greengrocers into…
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Plastics Package Let’s talk about reduction

Straws and stirrers are the low hanging fruit ministers want to forbid, but industry must go further. David Burrows reports from the FPA environment seminar. I arrived at last week’s Foodservice Packaging Association environment seminar hoping to be inspired, but I left dejected. First off, my reusable cup went missing. Perhaps that was my fault…
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