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Are new calorie targets an empty threat?

PHE has published demanding new guidelines for calorie reduction, but with the body due to be axed and targets still voluntary will businesses take them seriously? Nick Hughes reports. In March 2018, PHE published a paper which challenged all sectors of the food industry to reduce the calories in products that contribute significantly to children’s…
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We need to talk about nitrogen

The Soil Association has called for action to tackle the “overlooked” greenhouse gas that also causes harm to human health. Foodservice operators have a role to play, as Nick Hughes reports. Isn’t nitrogen essential to life on earth? It certainly is. Nitrogen is a constituent of all living matter and is fundamental to food production…
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Starbucks and McDonald’s reveal their packaging footprints with the latter also announcing a major new cup deposit and return trial in the UK. By David Burrows. During interviews for last year’s Footprint packaging report with BaxterStorey, high street foodservice brands were urged to “step up” and establish the infrastructure needed to drive a revolution in…
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Foodservice must brace itself for further meat scrutiny

The provenance of meat is on the minds of public and politicians but a Footprint survey shows many companies are afraid to open up. By Nick Hughes and David Burrows. There are, broadly speaking, two ways to look at the results of Footprint’s meat origin survey, which highlighted significant differences in the proportion of UK…
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Foodservice leaves door ajar to US meat

Foodservice and hospitality brands say they will shun US meat unless it is produced to domestic standards, as an exclusive Footprint survey reveals dramatic differences in the amount of meat sourced from within the UK and Ireland. By David Burrows and Nick Hughes. The full survey results are available HERE Some of the UK’s leading…
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Rainforest protection laws offer ray of sunshine

New laws to slow down deforestation are not perfect, but they will force large food companies to improve their sourcing of sustainable commodities. David Burrows reports. The UK Government has just launched a new consultation, which should be music to the ears of campaigners that have for years warned that efforts to curb deforestation have…
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Political Print: Poleaxing of PHE is a pernicious act

The arms-length agency was making slow progress in tackling obesity, but axing it with no replacement is an act of national self-harm, argues Nick Hughes. As the government U-turns continue to stack up, the scrapping of Public Health England (PHE) may not, by strict definition, count among their number. But be in no doubt: abolishing…
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Are ‘zero landfilling’ commitments rubbish?

Zero waste to landfill is a dated environmental target that really means waste is being burned not buried – and that isn’t always a good thing, says David Burrows. Greene King recently announced that it had achieved its target to send “zero waste to landfill”. The achievement “sets a benchmark for the hospitality industry”, said…
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Irish FSA gives green light to reusables

New food safety guidance in Ireland suggests adopting single-use cups and containers could create a false sense of security among food businesses. By David Burrows. Could switching from reusable to disposable packaging increase the risk of spreading coronavirus? Updated guidance published by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland suggests it’s possible. The FSAI has said…
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Calorie labelling – a menu for positive change?

Following the failure of voluntary measures, the government says mandatory calorie labelling is needed to help tackle obesity. But opponents claim it risks stifling innovation and increasing waste. Nick Hughes reports. Like so many of the policies contained in the government’s latest obesity strategy the decision to require calorie labelling on menus instantly divided opinion.…
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