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Nestlé’s quest for the perfect products

The food and drink giant’s latest innovations show that speed of innovation and sustainability are sometimes hard to align. Nick Hughes reports. As a food and drink supplier, how do you balance the need to drive long-term profitable growth with keeping sustainability front and centre of your business model? This potential paradox kept running through…
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The pros and cons of Morrisons’ milk move

New schemes to reduce packaging and encourage reuse rely on ‘extended consumer responsibility’. But will they work? David Burrows reports. WHAT’S HAPPENED? Morrisons has started selling milk in glass bottles again. “We want to help our customers live their lives with less plastic,” said the supermarket’s packaging manager Natasha Cook, and “reusing glass milk bottles…
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PLASTICS PACKAGE: Coke, Cristiano and the out-of-home hummus conundrum

July’s package sounds like a story that should come with a moral. It doesn’t (but probably should). By David Burrows. The great and the good descended upon Cornwall last month for the G7 summit. Supermarkets, food manufacturers and environmental NGOs pushed world leaders to discuss a global plastics treaty as they sipped flat whites from,…
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Plant-based push must be a policy priority

Shifting people’s diets takes time, which is why the government’s climate change advisors have called for action now. David Burrows reports. The Climate Change Committee recently published two reports and 32 pages of recommendations to the government on progress made towards reducing emissions to net-zero and adapting to climate change. They make for sobering (but…
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Does government have the appetite for Dimbleby’s food fix?

The first national food strategy in a generation makes the crucial connection between health and the environment, but is it destined to end up on the shelf? Nick Hughes reports. “The UK has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape the food system.” So says Henry Dimbleby, the man whose seminal national food strategy seeks to seize…
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Race to find slower-growing chickens accelerates

A new Marks & Spencer commitment is a landmark moment for bird welfare, but industry-wide changes will take time and significant investment. David Burrows reports. M&S is to sell only slower-growing, British, RSPCA-Assured chicken across its full range of fresh chicken products by autumn 2022. The commitment is a “landmark achievement for animal welfare”, according…
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Trade deals, carbon taxes and cakeism

The UK government wants to liberalise trade and fight climate change. Is a carbon border adjustment mechanism the only way to do so? Nick Hughes reports. A draft UK trade deal with Australia has united farmers and environmentalists in concern over its implications for food and the environment, including the potential for lower-quality imported meat…
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Facing up to food waste

Mandatory reporting is on the cards but is now the right time to force foodservice businesses to publish their data? David Burrows reports. The consultation on the mandatory reporting of food waste for businesses was due in 2019. Two years on and it’s yet to appear as industry continues to reel from the impacts of…
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Flushing out the foodservice greenwashers

New guidance on making environmental claims shows how easy it is to fall foul of the law. David Burrows reports. Be careful what you claim because the greenwashing police are coming. At least that’s according to lawyers. They would say that, of course, but they have a point. In the UK, as well as Europe,…
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Survey paints painful picture of racial equality

A new report suggests an undercurrent of racial bias runs through hospitality organisations leaving much work to do. Nick Hughes reports. A new survey that places in sharp focus the racism and inequality that still exists within the hospitality sector should make for uncomfortable reading for industry leaders. The Inside Hospitality survey, by not-for-profit Be…
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