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Food labels should show calorie burn

Labelling food and drinks with the amount and type of physical activity needed to burn off the calories in it might be a more effective way of encouraging people to make “healthier” dietary choices, according to research led by Loughborough University. Physical activity calorie equivalent (PACE) food labelling shows how many minutes or miles of…
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Unconvincing Villiers leaves more questions than answers

The appearance of DEFRA secretary of state Theresa Villiers at a recent conference for UK farmers didn’t provide the clarity or reassurance the food industry is seeking for life in a post-EU world, writes Nick Hughes. When she took to the stage at this month’s annual Oxford Farming Conference Theresa Villiers had the opportunity to…
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2020 vision

The dawn of a new decade is set to mark another step change in the importance food businesses place on operating responsibly. Here, three experts offer their take on the issues that will dominate the sustainability agenda in 2020. Looking back on 2019, what would you identify as the single issue that most dominated the…
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Sweet results in snack tax study

Research suggests that expanding the scope of sugar taxes to include certain foods will have a big impact on obesity, writes David Burrows. Taxing sugary snacks such as biscuits, cakes and sweets might be more effective at reducing obesity levels than increasing the price of sugar-sweetened drinks, according to a study published in The BMJ.…
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Glass half full: Share in the community

In our latest round-up of cheery news, Nick Hughes takes a look at several initiatives that are making an impact when it comes to reducing food waste. It’s Christmas time and for many of us that heralds the opportunity to (over)indulge in festive treats and tipples. But for those less fortunate, the high jinks of…
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Unpicking the plastic PR strategies of food brands

Food companies have made myriad plastic-related pledges in the past couple of years, but are they any good? Researchers at the University of Surrey decided to find out. By David Burrows. WHAT DID THE RESEARCHERS DO? Basically, they picked through the websites, press releases and policies of 12 “trailblazing” companies (those that have committed to…
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Parties make their New Year resolutions

On the eve of a festive season general election, Nick Hughes takes a look inside the main political parties’ manifest-ho-ho-ho’s ‘Tis the season to be jolly: to sing carols around the Christmas tree, eat your bodyweight in mince pies, and … trudge to the polling station to vote for the future of the country. There…
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Analysis: Stay a step ahead of the green pressure groups

Environment campaigners will focus on deforestation, emissions from meat production, packaging and waste next year. Foodservice and hospitality companies should be prepared, says Robert Blood of Sigwatch. Plastics (again) We’re already seeing intense pressure from activists for commitments to reduce plastic use in general and single-use plastics in particular, with campaigning rocketing six-fold since 2015…
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Government on naughty step for childhood obesity failures

The government’s lack of action on childhood obesity has been criticised in a recent inquiry, which has also called for a prompt demonstration of political will in order to make real progress, writes David Burrows The first oral session of the House of Commons’ Health and Social Care Committee’s follow-up inquiry into childhood obesity considered…
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Three to follow in 2020

Nick Hughes shines a spotlight on a trio of start-ups whose innovative concepts are lining up to become the next big thing in the food sector. If you want to get a feel for the trends that will shape the food sector in 2020 a good place to start is with its entrepreneurs. Earlier this…
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