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Warning over illegal eggs

The EU’s first ever legislation designed to improve animal welfare might not be worth the paper it’s written on.   From January 1, barren battery cages – those that don’t allow hens to carry out natural behaviours such as foraging and stretching of wings – will be banned as part of the Welfare of Laying…
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More restaurants hooked on sustainable fish

THE NUMBER OF BRITISH RESTAURANTS choosing to serve sustainable seafood and dropping fish from overfished stocks has increased dramatically over the last two years.   More than 45% of restaurants improved their rating in the first re-review of British restaurants by Fish2fork (, the campaigning fish restaurant guide, since it was launched in 2009.  …
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London Boroughs ‘mapped’ on sustainable food progress

THE LONDON Boroughs of Islington and Richmond-upon-Thames have been praised for “inspiring food leadership” for their work to promote healthy and sustainable food.   However, there are huge differences in the action being taken by London Boroughs, according to the unique audit carried out by Sustain.   A total of 33 Boroughs were assessed on…
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Companies still not buying enough sustainable palm oil

UK COMPANIES have no more excuses when it comes to sourcing sustainable palm oil, according to a new report by WWF. The charity has published its second ‘palm oil scorecard’ which tracks the buying performance of 130 major retailers and consumer goods manufacturers in relation to palm oil. 25 UK-based companies are amongst many in…
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New EBLEX range for DBC

DBC Foodservice has launched a new EBLEX Quality Standard range of quality-assured beef and lamb products for the foodservice sector. Rob McFarlane, commercial director, meats, at DBC Foodservice (right), and John Jackson, head of trading at DBC Foodservice (left). This is the first range of products DBC has launched for the foodservice sector, having worked…
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McDonald’s shows DEFRA how it’s done

The new buying standards introduced by the Government in September are weaker than those in fast food outlets like McDonald’s.   New research carried out by the ‘Good food for our money campaign’  compared the government’s food procurement standards with those of McDonald’s in five key areas.   In three cases (eggs, milk and fairly…
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Have Ethical labels have lost their value?

Sustainability labels cannot deliver sufficient business value or drive the level of consumer demand needed to develop a sustainable economy, according to a new report published today.     Signed, Sealed... Delivered? assesses the value and challenges that businesses find in using certification and labelling schemes, before concluding that while they have done much to push the sustainability agenda, they…
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Many of West Africa's cocoa-producing areas will be left too hot to grow chocolate if the temperature rises more than two degrees Celsius by 2050. In fact, areas of cocoa suitability will begin to decline as soon as 2030, as average temperatures increase by one degree Celsius. The findings are part of a new report…
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Foodservice companies and analysts are warning that the results of the first ever Carbon Reduction Commitment league table should be taken with a pinch of salt.   Published by the Environment Agency (EA), the table ranks over 2,000 of the UK’s biggest companies according to how they manage their energy use. This includes the steps taken to…
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The Olympic Games in London 2012 may not meet its sustainability goals unless sponsors start taking on some of the burden. According to reports in the Financial Times, the head of the organising committee, David Stubbs, said of the targets: “We know we can’t do this on our own.” The London 2012 Games has been…
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