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Foodservice lacking bark as Brexit bites

The sector risks being forgotten if it doesn’t get its act together and start lobbying hard, writes David Burrows. Managing Brexit will need the whole food industry – farmers, food manufacturers and retailers – to find a single voice with which to lobby the government, said the National Farmers Union director general, Terry Jones, in…
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Greggs shows the way on animal welfare

The bakery chain has shot up the rankings in a high- profile assessment – and kept prices affordable. Others can learn from it, writes commercial director Malcolm Copland. As recent food safety scares have highlighted, a poor record on animal welfare is not only unethical but can be highly damaging to businesses and brand reputations.…
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As the world faces an antibiotic resistance crisis, foodservice firms are under pressure to address overuse of the drugs by their suppliers, writes Emma Rose.

Until fairly recently, efforts to tackle the global antibiotic resistance crisis have focused on improving prescribing practices in human medicine. Pushy patients demanding drugs to treat colds and other ailments on which antibiotics have no effect, remiss GPs handing out antibiotics like sweets: these practices have been held responsible for fuelling antibiotic resistance – and…
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Second chance for the slackers

The government is again asking businesses to take a voluntary approach to obesity. Will the Childhood Obesity Plan succeed where the Responsibility Deal failed? By Nick Hughes. The dog that has not barked properly in the whole obesity debate.” That was the damning verdict on the foodservice sector from the Food and Drink Federation’s director…
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The restaurant trade in a post‐Brexit world

Restaurateurs fear rising ingredient prices and problems with labour as immigration is curbed, writes Dev Biswal. My restaurants are my passion, but they are also my business. That’s why my immediate thought the morning after the referendum was: how will the UK economy be affected? And then, how will this affect footfall in my restaurants and…
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Egg commitments are challenging but realistic

Foodservice firms that have promised to go cage-free on eggs by 2025 need to start the remaining transition sharpish, says Jemima Jowell. This summer we’ve witnessed a seismic shift in attitudes towards caged eggs with a deluge of commitments by food businesses to go cage-free in their egg supply chains. One of the latest is…
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Food price and provenance in a post-Brexit world

The long-term picture is uncertain but in the short term food is only set to get dearer. Fans of ITV’s “The Only Way is Essex” will be familiar with its theme song “The Only Way is Up.”  Even more challenging... For some time to come, this song is likely to become the mood music for food…
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Foodservice companies too slow to push for cage-free eggs

UK retailers are eager to join a push for cage‐free eggs, but except for Sodexo, foodservice companies are too slow to follow suit. By Tracey Jones. For an organisation like ours, which has been campaigning for over 50 years to rid farming of all forms of cages, the last five weeks have been incredibly exciting. In…
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Time for a serious rethink of sustainability standards to tackle the urgent climate challenges the world is facing

For many years I have worked with some of the world’s largest conservation bodies, businesses and other civil society organisations to develop sustainability standards for a wide range of globally traded commodities. Many of these focus on specific sustainability challenges, such as animal welfare, global trade or organic standards. These schemes have done a fantastic job…
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