Low Energy Commercial Refridgeration Report

SOMETIMES the scale of our sustainability challenges take you by surprise.   This report was written by Nicholas Cox from Earthcare Products.  It begins with some surprising stats: India's retail and logistics industry comprises of over 14 million outlets employing about 40 million people.  That's a lot of fridges in very ambient conditions.   It goes…
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Carbon Disclosure Project: Supply Chain Report 2012

Supplier Management in the Low-Carbon Economy, is CDP’s fourth annual global study of the preparedness of company supply chains for climate change impacts   "Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has been collecting data on corporate greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions for almost a decade.   "In 2011, CDP conducted its fourth annual information request for member companies and their…
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Under-Counter Powder Broker

Warewasher manufacturer Winterhalter has found a way to manage water and energy usage in its machines that offers major sustainable benefits – and fewer broken plates.   Getting the balance right when it comes to energy and water usage on dishwashers is a tricky balancing act; water and electricity have to be used but it…
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Are we ready to Quantify?

Foodservice Footprint looks back at the noughties and finds that the industry has spawned a plethora of measures and initiatives to further the quest for sustainability in foodservice.   The past 10 years have seen a tremendous growth in sustainable initiatives in foodservice be they in the development of energy efficient, ecologically friendly kitchen equipment…
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