Carbon Disclosure Project: Supply Chain Report 2012

Supplier Management in the Low-Carbon Economy, is CDP’s fourth annual global study of the preparedness of company supply chains for climate change impacts   "Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has been collecting data on corporate greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions for almost a decade.   "In 2011, CDP conducted its fourth annual information request for member companies and their…
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Under-Counter Powder Broker

Warewasher manufacturer Winterhalter has found a way to manage water and energy usage in its machines that offers major sustainable benefits – and fewer broken plates.   Getting the balance right when it comes to energy and water usage on dishwashers is a tricky balancing act; water and electricity have to be used but it…
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Are we ready to Quantify?

Foodservice Footprint looks back at the noughties and finds that the industry has spawned a plethora of measures and initiatives to further the quest for sustainability in foodservice.   The past 10 years have seen a tremendous growth in sustainable initiatives in foodservice be they in the development of energy efficient, ecologically friendly kitchen equipment…
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