Lorna Hegenbarth: NFU’s food chain advisor

OVER 2013, we saw much debate around sustainable diets and consumption. Defra’s Green food Project and the IGD were both working to ascertain what a sustainable diet may look like. This was not just in the UK but across the rest of Europe also, shown in the work of the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP)…
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Steve Osborn: Leatherhead Food’s business innovation manager

2014 SUSTAINABILITY Trends: Food Security                           Assuring a sustainable supply of food is set to present one of the grand challenges of the next decade and an essential element is a robust and trusted supply chain. Food security has come into focus during…
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Keith Warren: director of the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association

AS THE economy improves, growing sales are causing problems across the supply chain because of short term ordering. After years of recession, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors have reduced their stockholding. The supply chain will need to recognise this at all levels and it will need to work together to overcome this problem – next day…
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Bartlett Mitchell greener cleaning product case study in association with Delphis Eco

Bartlett Mitchell Case Study   BOUTIQUE CONTRACT caterer, Bartlett Mitchell, is converting its entire cleaning chemical requirements to environmentally friendly, ecological products from Delphis Eco. The change, effective immediately, will take place across the company’s 70 operations in London and the South East.   Don Seller, Purchasing Director for Bartlett Mitchell explained the reason behind…
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Low Energy Commercial Refridgeration Report

SOMETIMES the scale of our sustainability challenges take you by surprise.   This report was written by Nicholas Cox from Earthcare Products.  It begins with some surprising stats: India's retail and logistics industry comprises of over 14 million outlets employing about 40 million people.  That's a lot of fridges in very ambient conditions.   It goes…
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