Nicki Fisher: Pret A Manger’s head of sustainability

THE SUSTAINABILITY landscape significantly shifted in 2013 around provenance of food in particular thanks to the horse meat scandal... Strangely enough the whole debacle has done us a favour now customers and consumers are being inquisitive about the supply chain of the food they’re eating. It has served to tighten the value chain and educate…
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Joe Franses: Coca Cola Enterprises director of corporate responsibility

WE HAVE reached a tipping point in terms of business sustainability. Leading organisations are making progress in aligning profitability and sustainability, and some progressive companies are reworking their business models to extract real value from the green economy.                           We need to embrace…
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Ashish Deo: Fairtrade Foundation’s commercial director

THE HORSEMEAT scandal at the start of the year renewed consumers’ focus on where their food is coming from. The demand for transparency and traceability has definitely shifted from the often narrow environmental focus of previous years to one which requires companies to talk about much more than carbon and water.        …
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Sally Uren: Forum For The Future’s chief executive

IN SOME ways the sustainability landscape in 2013 didn’t shift, as the slow grind of some well-documented trends continued. Stories of resource crunches abounded, extreme weather events were witnessed, and the grim reality of social inequalities continued to wash through our media channels. Oh, and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere exceeded 400 ppm, the…
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Simon Mills: City of London’s head of sustainable development

2013 SAW the rise of the chief sustainability officer as distinct and influential role within the corporate space. The food and agricultural production sectors in particular woke up to the key challenges global food production faces in terms of water, energy and climate change.                      …
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Lorna Hegenbarth: NFU’s food chain advisor

OVER 2013, we saw much debate around sustainable diets and consumption. Defra’s Green food Project and the IGD were both working to ascertain what a sustainable diet may look like. This was not just in the UK but across the rest of Europe also, shown in the work of the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP)…
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Steve Osborn: Leatherhead Food’s business innovation manager

2014 SUSTAINABILITY Trends: Food Security                           Assuring a sustainable supply of food is set to present one of the grand challenges of the next decade and an essential element is a robust and trusted supply chain. Food security has come into focus during…
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