Health & Vitality foodservice trends report 2016

Footprint has championed the health debate as part of its social sustainability pillar and this report throws up how far we have come, what channels have been pushing the boundaries and what areas need far more attention. The research undertaken has also distilled what have to be the most important areas for attention.
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Footprint intelligence

Market research exists to guide your brand by giving you insight to your competitors, your markets, your own products and its perceptions, the effectiveness of your marketing, your costumers, trends and opportunities. With the ever-moving and shifting sustainability debate, accurate intelligence, enabling your business to make informed decisions is vital. Footprint Intelligence is our Research &…
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What is a Voluntary Agreement

Features of a Voluntary Agreement:   "A body"** holds achievable targets – signatories help to deliver them Each target is for the sector as a whole and not for individual businesses All targets are consistent with Governments’ targets It is "the body’s" responsibility to ensure that the collective actions of all signatories are sufficient for…
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Any colour as long as its green

Green is a colour washing over the Catering Industry, as operators up and down the country continue to make strides in their sustainability efforts. And, with the Government announcing plans for a new living wage, now more than ever is the time for industry leaders to stop and think about the ways in which their operation…
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Making the most of marketing

JUST THINK about the last big purchase you made and why you chose it - invariably it will lead back to something you’ve read, seen or heard. The same, often subconscious, thinking affects our eating habits and tapping into this psychology opens up huge potential for caterers. Marketing has real power, when done effectively, particularly when…
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Future proofing – the TUCO way

THE ISSUE of skills in the UK Foodservice sector appears to be reaching critical mass; open any trade magazine and the headlines jump out. The topic is the subject of conversation amongst the great and good of the industry, but perhaps that is the problem? Talking is all well and good, but isn’t it action we need…
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Intelligence boost

FRANCIS BACON once said ‘Knowledge is power’ and he couldn’t have been more right. Really understanding your audience is the key to growth in any business, and that can only come from frequent research to gauge the shifting nature of consumer opinion.   Earlier this year, TUCO conducted the largest ever global study into the eating…
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Fishing for answers – how university caterers are sourcing responsibly

CONSUMER AWARENESS of responsible sourcing has grown exponentially in the past few years, driving the issue of sustainable seafood – a cause which has been helped along by celebrity chef endorsement.   And rightly so. In recent years, the headlines have been full of stories around sea stock depletion as irresponsible fishing brings some species to…
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TUCO regional success

THE ACHIEVEMENTS of The University Caterers Organisation members span the entire sustainability spectrum. From reducing waste and promoting healthy eating to better sourcing, investing in local producers’ businesses and supporting global action organisations such as Fairtrade – you name it, TUCO members are doing it! Their successes add up to an incredible compendium of best practice examples; here…
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