Getting Inside Customers’ Minds research in association with Compass

How much do customers think about health when eating out of home? What words and messaging communicate healthier choices to them? What kinds of healthier options do they want? And how can foodservice capitalise on health and wellbeing trends whilst helping to tackle the food-related health crisis? This abridged report of the Getting Inside Customers’ Minds research in…
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Fourth and Footprint Intelligence Food needs YOU report

From chefs to menu development, marketing to kitchen porters, your guide to tackling food waste - whatever your job title. Footprint Intelligence was commissioned by Fourth to create a guide outlining how different job roles could tackle food waste. The results are a mix of desk-based research and semi-structured interviews with industry experts. The sample…
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The Drinks Industry Sustainability Index – Trends Report 2020

Welcome to the inaugural Footprint Drinks Industry Sustainability Index - Trends Report 2020. This, our first deep dive into the trends driving the industry and how the sector is responding to challenges around the climate crisis, offers readers actionable insights into innovations and best practice across the drinks trade. Through a series of conversations with thought-leaders across the sector,…
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The future of foodservice packaging

It gives us great pleasure to introduce The future of foodservice packaging report. The sustainability of packaging is one of the most pressing issues faced by the foodservice and hospitality sector. This is a multifaceted, fiercely complex issue that impacts every stakeholder along the supply chain. There is no silver bullet solution. But one thing…
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How Facebook’s big data could be harnessed for good

The Cambridge Analytica scandal shouldn’t blind us to the possibility of using the platform to promote healthy living. By David Burrows. A friend messaged me last week. “Feeling rather smug that my wife found an email from me many years ago where I stated that I’d never join Facebook given the threat of data harvesting.”…
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Report: Designed with health in mind

A psychological approach to helping consumers make healthier choices in foodservice. Footprint Intelligence was commissioned to conduct a piece of independent research on how to use the psychology of healthier eating to encourage consumers to eat more healthily in foodservice by Compass Group UK & Ireland. The research for this report comprised of a mix…
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