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Supermarkets under fire for farmed fish practices

Shoppers are unknowingly eating more than 70g of wild fish for every 100g of farmed fish they consume from UK supermarkets, an investigation has found. Consumers indirectly ate 177,000 tonnes of wild fish in 2019 by purchasing farmed seafood products including salmon and prawns that have been fed on fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO), according…
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Tesco shuns compostables

The UK’s largest grocer has told suppliers that it doesn’t want compostable packaging being used, including polylactic acid (PLA). Tesco uses a simple traffic light system to inform suppliers about the packaging materials and formats it wants and doesn’t want. Those on the red list are “not to be used as customers cannot easily recycle…
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M&S takes refillables trial to Manchester

M&S will extend its refill trial to a second store following positive customer feedback. The retailer revealed this week that 25 out of the 44 products available through a Fill Your Own pilot at its Hedge End store in Southampton are selling higher volumes than the packaged alternatives. M&S plans to extend the Fill Your…
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Consumers use labels to shun sugar

Sugar content is the most important factor for people when making healthy food choices, according to new research. A team from the University of Nottingham’s Division of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics carried out a choice-based survey with 858 participants using the traffic light labelling system to select healthy foods. “We wanted to find out whether…
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Long-term meat avoidance difficult, say consumers

Nearly one in two consumers (45%) has changed their diets to lead a “more sustainable lifestyle”, with 33% looking to reduce or eliminate their intake of meat. However, they are not finding the shift easy: 51% said they struggle to give up meat in the long-term, with 42% confessing that plant-based foods are “bland and…
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UK set to lose billions from nature loss

The UK risks seeing $30bn a year wiped off the value of the economy if the world fails to respond to the decline in nature. A new Global Futures study by WWF modelled the economic cost of the loss of global biodiversity across 140 countries by 2050 if the world carries on with “business as…
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Abel & Cole trials refillables service

Veg box retailer Abel & Cole has launched a refillables trial that will see single-use packaging removed from a selection of pantry items and delivered instead in returnable, reusable pots. The company said the service, named Club Zero, is the first to be offered by an online food retailer as part of people’s regular weekly…
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Quorn announces on-pack carbon labelling

Quorn is to put carbon footprint labels on 60% of its products in a bid to “better inform people” about the environmental impacts of the products they buy. The meat alternative brand will display “Farm to Shop” carbon footprint data, certified by the Carbon Trust, on its top 30 selling products. The information will initially…
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Scottish agriculture could slash emissions

A shift to organic farming and the use of novel feeds such as seaweed could help Scotland’s farming sector significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next 25 years. A new report by the Organic Policy, Business and Research Consultancy, commissioned by WWF Scotland, concluded that the country’s agricultural sector could easily achieve the 35%…
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Tesco offers details of its sustainable basket metrics

Tesco is measuring the full environmental impact of 20 popular foods. The new metric is part of the retailer’s ambition to reduce the environmental impact of the average UK shopping basket by 50%. The foods – including fruit, meat, fish, snacks and drinks – will be assessed against seven criteria, each with its own weighting:…
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