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Foie gras faces ban under new welfare plan

Campaigners have welcomed a new government plan for animal welfare that will end the export of live animals for fattening and slaughter and explore a ban on the sale of foie gras. This week, the government published an action plan for animal welfare that it said would revolutionise the treatment of animals in the UK…
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Public gives green light to eco taxes

Businesses that cause the most environmental damage should be made to pay for it, according to a survey of the UK public. The Green Alliance NGO worked with research agency BritainThinks to understand the public’s view of using the tax system to encourage more sustainable choices. It found sustainability is a primary concern, and the…
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Forest protection promises ignore beef

Cattle have a larger role in forest clearance than any other commodity, yet supermarkets and fast food chains have failed to include beef in their forest protection promises.  “Leadership is not simply awarded for the promises companies make; it is earned by which actions they take to ensure their supply chains do not perpetuate on-going…
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Supermarkets offer scant information on salmon sourcing

Pick up some salmon from the local supermarket and it’s likely to say that it has been “farmed in Scotland”. But where exactly and to what standards? The answers are hard to find – unless you dig around online. Research by Fidra, a charity, found that Aldi, Asda, Lidl and Morrisons all fail to offer…
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Fishy story: are one in three seafood products really mislabelled?

More than a third (36%) of the seafood products sold in restaurants, fishmongers and supermarkets are mislabelled. That’s according to a new analysis by The Guardian. But it’s not quite as it seems. The researchers looked at 44 recent studies covering more than 9,000 samples in 30 or so countries. They found 36% of products…
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Peas to protect bees in new food partnership

WWF has partnered with Europe’s biggest producer of frozen foods to work on projects that increase food productivity through “nature-positive” farming. Nomad Foods owns household name brands including Birds Eye, Findus, iglo, Aunt Bessie's and Goodfella's. The partnership with WWF will focus on finding agricultural solutions to the "triple challenge" of feeding a growing global…
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Tesco to leave soil on spuds to cut waste

Tesco will sell unwashed potatoes in over 250 stores following a successful trial in which shelf-life was nearly doubled. The supermarket is looking at a return to selling potatoes in the traditional way as part of efforts to cut down on food waste. Potatoes are the UK’s single most wasted food in the home ahead…
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Tesco’s sustainable diet commitments should extend to Booker

Tesco has set a target to increase the proportion of sales from ‘healthier products’ from 58% to 65% by 2025. The UK’s largest supermarket will also increase sales of plant-based meat alternatives by 300% by 2025. Two thirds (66%) of ready meals will also come with at least one of the recommended five-a-day fruit and…
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Manufacturers hit climate targets ahead of schedule

Food manufacturers have set revised targets for reducing carbon emissions after hitting a 2025 ambition five years earlier than planned. The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) said food and drink companies achieved a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions in 2019 compared with a 1990 baseline. As a result, the trade body has now set a…
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Tesco faces investor backlash over healthy foods

Investors are calling on Britain’s largest supermarket to set targets to increase the proportion of healthy products it sells. Tesco is under pressure from a coalition of institutional and retail investors to disclose the share of total food and non-alcoholic drink annual sales by volume made up of healthier products, and publish a review of…
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