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News Alert: Wetherspoon To Pay Supplier Invoices Due On Monday

J D Wetherspoon has said that it will settle supplier invoices due at the end of March, but those due next month face an anxious wait. In an email sent to suppliers and seen by Footprint, the pub chain said clarification from the government on its Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has “greatly helped our financial…
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Wetherspoon to withhold supplier payments

JD Wetherspoon has said it does not intend to pay money owed to its suppliers until after its pubs reopen following the coronavirus crisis. In an email sent to suppliers and seen by Footprint, the pub chain said: “We are asking for a moratorium on payments, until the pubs reopen, at which point we intend…
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Foodservice steps up to coronavirus challenge

Businesses have announced a raft of new measures as the food sector recalibrates to cope with the fallout from the spread of coronavirus. Across the country, restaurants are switching to delivery services of pre-prepared meals to cook at home after the government said that planning rules will be relaxed so that pubs and restaurants can…
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Scottish DRS delayed due to coronavirus

Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) will not be introduced until July 2022 due to the impact of coronavirus. The Scottish Government has moved swiftly to delay the ‘go-live’ date by 15 months from the planned date of April 2021 following consultation with stakeholders. Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said the delay would give businesses more time…
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Reusables added to ONS basket

Reusable bottles and mugs have been added to the ONS’s basket of goods reflecting a growing number of people switching away from single-use products. The shopping basket of over 700 goods and services is used to measure consumer price inflation. Items are added and removed each year based on a range of factors including availability…
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Climate change and plant proteins will hit meat companies hard

The physical impacts of climate change and rapid growth of alternative proteins will put billions of dollars at risk for current food sector giants such as Tyson Foods and JBS, suppliers to household names such as McDonald’s, Walmart, Burger King and Marks & Spencer. According to an analysis by Fairr, the $20 trillion investor network, seven “key risks” will impact the…
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Yum! Brands sets EPS packaging elimination target

Pressure from shareholders has reportedly led to the world’s largest quickservice restaurant company banning the use of expanded polystyrene (EPS). Yum! Brands said it will “accelerate efforts to remove styrofoam and expanded polystyrene globally by 2022 across all KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell locations”. The move will reportedly remove 100m foam containers per year.…
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Fast-growing chickens are ‘false economy’ – RSPCA

Up to half of the fastest-growing chicken breeds are at risk of dying or needing to be culled due to welfare issues, according to a leading charity. Research by Scotland’s Rural College, commissioned by the RSPCA, compared the health, welfare and production characteristics of the three fastest-growing meat chicken breeds used most extensively worldwide with…
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Just Eat trials takeaway box made with seaweed

Just Eat has launched a seaweed-lined takeaway box that it says is fully recyclable and can decompose in four weeks in a home compost. The cardboard container, which is made from tree and grass pulp with a seaweed lining, has been designed to be water-resistant and greaseproof to cope with wet food. Just Eat has…
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