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Food standards in the balance after key vote

MPs have left open the option of allowing future imports of lower-standard food products after they rejected amendments to the trade bill designed to give parliament the power to veto trade deals. The House of Lords put forward amendments that would have required future trade deals to be scrutinised by parliament as a way of…
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Businesses buoyed by insurance ruling

Foodservice operators whose financial sustainability has been placed in jeopardy by covid-19 have been thrown a lifeline after the Supreme Court ruled insurers must pay out business interruption insurance claims. The judgement means thousands of businesses including pubs, restaurants and caterers are in line for pay-outs which could total over £1bn. Insurers had argued that…
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Consumers set out sustainable food demands

What makes food sustainable? It is a question that experts have debated for years, only to find there is rarely a silver bullet. But what do consumers think? A recently published survey of more than 27,200 European consumers provides some answers (this doesn’t include UK consumers but the key findings remain noteworthy). They were asked…
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More veg, fewer takeaways: how covid is changing consumption

How has the pandemic changed the way people shop, cook and eat? More vegetables, more home cooking and baking. But also higher consumption of saturated fats; and a bit of bulk buying. Surprisingly, there was also a decrease in the consumption of takeaway food and a rise in ‘organisational food practices’ (planning ahead, for example,…
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Leon offers ‘carbon neutral’ burgers and fries

“The value of the label comes not from providing perfect information, but better information than the consumer has at present,” wrote Michael Vandenbergh and Thomas Dietz in their paper on carbon footprints for Nature Climate Change in 2011. Ten years on and there is still very little information available on the climate impact of the…
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Help shape the future of sustainability in foodservice

Take our 5 minute survey HERE to have your say on the sector’s critical sustainability priorities. Footprint is talking to key industry players as part of our research for the 2021 Foodservice Sustainability Trends, and we want to hear from you. Has COVID disrupted your progress on sustainability? Or, has it presented an opportunity to…
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Farmers confused about carbon cutting

Almost one in three farmers (30%) don’t think it’s important to consider greenhouse gases when making decisions about their crops, land and livestock. That’s worrying. Some 6% said they didn’t think their farm produced any GHGs. More encouraging is the fact that 66% are taking actions to reduce their emissions, according to the government’s latest…
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New grants welcomed as sector reels from latest lockdown

Business leaders have welcomed new financial support for hospitality businesses but warned the latest government measures are only a “sticking plaster” solution to the existential crisis facing the sector. On Tuesday the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced an additional £4.6bn in new lockdown grants to support businesses and protect jobs in the retail, hospitality and leisure…
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Refills and BOGOFs face axe from 2022

Volume promotions and free refills of sugary drinks are to be banned in England under new government measures to tackle obesity. New laws due to come into effect in April 2022 will prohibit retailers from offering multi-buy promotions such as ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘3 for 2’ offers on unhealthy food products. Unhealthy…
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New rules clamp down on plastic dumping

New rules to restrict exports of low quality plastic waste have been hailed as a landmark moment in efforts to protect human health and the environment. On January 1st, legally-binding measures which clarify the way plastic waste is internationally traded became effective for 186 states under amendments to the Basel Convention. They aim to curb…
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