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Dimbleby – Food imports should be certified sustainable

Overseas food producers wanting to export to the UK should have to prove they meet UK environmental and animal welfare standards, according to the author of a new national food strategy for England. Henry Dimbleby said the UK government should only agree to cut tariffs in new trade deals on products which meet core standards.…
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Nando’s to serve more plants to cut carbon

Nando’s has committed to halving the carbon footprint of its average meal by 2030 as part of a range of measures to achieve zero direct emissions. The restaurant group plans to achieve the target by increasing the number of plant-based options on its menu and making all UK restaurant gas supplies 100% renewable. It added…
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Starbucks, Danone and Unilever lead net zero business group

Starbucks, Unilever and Danone are to work with six other global non-food companies on a new initiative to help businesses achieve net zero emissions. The “Transform to net zero” project also involves the likes of Mercedes, Microsoft and Nike. The group will look at everything from how to achieve emissions reductions in line with a…
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Consumers seek brands they trust during pandemic – and beyond

Trust has become the second most powerful means to stimulate someone to buy a brand, according to Edelman’s most recent brand trust trackers. Trust is now “remarkably” second only to price, noted Richard Edelman CEO, in an interview with Bloomberg, ahead of ingredients and customer service. Edelman said that Covid-19 and the protests around systemic…
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20% of Brazil’s soya and beef exports to Europe are linked to deforestation

Around a fifth of Brazil's annual exports to the EU are potentially contaminated with illegal deforestation, according to new research. Experts used freely available maps and data from 815,000 rural properties to reveal the specific farmers and ranchers clearing forests to produce soya and beef ultimately destined for Europe. They discovered that a few bad…
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M&B prevents kitchen equipment waste “madness”

Mitchells & Butlers is redistributing or recycling everything from combi ovens and dishwashers to potato peelers and ice machines in a bid to divert tonnes of waste ending up in landfill. Each year the company makes around 250 investments in refurbishments and new kitchens. Most of the kitchen equipment disposed of during this process was…
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WRAP demands action on flexible packaging

Plastic reduction targets look set to be missed unless businesses urgently increase the recyclability of flexible packaging. WRAP made the call to action as it revealed only 4% of flexible packaging is currently recycled despite accounting for a quarter of all UK consumer plastic packaging. Flexible plastic packaging often comes in the form of food…
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PM urged to deliver junk food ban

A new obesity plan that excludes restrictions on junk food marketing and advertising will not deliver the necessary impact on public health, experts have warned. In an open letter to Boris Johnson signed by 49 health charities, researchers and academics, the prime minister was urged to implement a ban on junk food adverts before the…
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New climate roadmap for foodservice, grocery and retail

Greggs and Costa are among 20 retailers to have signed a declaration to tackle climate change throughout their supply chains. They have made three broad commitments to: decarbonise their shops, distribution centres and logistics operations; reduce emissions in supply chains; and “guide our customers towards dramatically lowering their own carbon footprint”. The third commitment has…
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Brewdog fuels reusable growth with new drive-thrus

Scottish brewer Brewdog has unveiled plans to open drive-thrus which will act as hubs for returning reusable drinks bottles and kegs. The brewer’s co-founder James Watt tweeted an artists’ impression of the drive-thrus which he said would act as beer collection points, hubs for electric vehicle deliveries and hubs for closed-loop, zero-waste packaging such as…
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