Interviews: Industry professionals

  • INTERVIEW with Lord Carter of Coles

        The European Union Committee of the House of Lords considers EU documents and other matters relating to the EU in advance of decisions being taken on them in Brussels. It does this in order to influence the Government’s… Read More

  • INTERVIEW with David Field

    Q. You are clearly proud of of what Nestlé Professional has achieved over the past few years and refer to the way the company has embedded CSR in its ‘end-to-end’ processes.   “We believe that the principles of long term… Read More

  • INTERVIEW with Jim Paice MP

    Q. You will have been heavily involved in the Conservative Party’s ‘Honest Food’ campaign to stop meat products originating from another country being processed in the UK and subsequently sold as British produce. This has progressed to a Parliamentary Bill… Read More

  • Unsustainable Expectations

    Footprint puts an equipment distributor and a major manufacturer on the spot to ask whether they think the UK foodservice industry is really prepared to go the sustainable route when new kit is specified.     Nick Howe, MD of… Read More

  • INTERVIEW with Cyrus Todiwala

      Q. Cyrus, I find your knowledge and passion inspiring. Where does your drive on sustainable issues come from?   Flattery will get you nowhere! However, I have to say that my concern with sustainability and sustainable issues stems from… Read More

  • INTERVIEW with Mike Berthet

    Q. Mike, you are somebody admired by Footprint for the enormous amounts of work you do in the cause of sustainability. Tell us what has driven you in your relentless work?   Because of our responsibility as leaders of the… Read More

  • INTERVIEW with Charles Clover

        Charles Clover’s book, The End of the Line, screams for attention to the crisis of diminishing global fish stocks and is now a powerful and thought provoking movie, currently showing in the West End of London. Footprint met… Read More

  • INTERVIEW with Jean-Baptiste Lecallion Chef de Caves de Champagne Louis Roederer

                      Q: Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon, when did Champagne Louis Roederer first become interested in a more environmentally friendly approach to their winemaking?   It is not something new! As a family business owning… Read More