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Footprint catches up with Sodexo’s Phil Hooper on the Responsibility Deal

THE GOVERNMENT'S Public Health Responsibility Deal is one year old, and campaigners believe it is failing. A report by Which? last week claimed that voluntary agreements do not work and is now calling for legislation on mandatory calorie labelling out of home. But what does the industry think? Is the initiative working? Is it, as…
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The butcher’s best friend

HE'S A trailblazer in nose-to-tail eating whose passion for meat shows no sign of dwindling. Fergus Henderson tells David Burrows why we should all learn to love offal.   It takes about 30 seconds to get a feeling for how passionate Fergus Henderson is about meat. “I love butchers,” he says. “It’s so sad to…
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Raising the standard

OPERATORS WHO are dragging their heels about whether or not to buy sustainable catering equipment won’t have that luxury of choice much longer as Europe moves to impose energy efficiency standards. Kathy Bowry talks to Keith Warren, director of the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association.   A EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Directive, the Ecodesign Directive, includes a series…
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Footprint Exclusive: Interview with Fergus Henderson

Fergus Henderson is the London chef renowned for nose to tail eating - very little of a carcass is wasted.                     Guests to his St John restaurant in the heart of London can indulge in dishes such as pot roast Tamworth loin with trotters and prunes…
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Sodexo’s action man

In a rare interview, Sodexo chief executive Aidan Connolly explains why, where sustainability is concerned, actions speak louder than words. By Nick Hughes.   For a man who declares his principal hobby as “recreational eating” Aidan Connolly has ascended to his dream job. As chief executive of Sodexo UK & Ireland Connolly is responsible for…
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Exclusive interview with Sodexo’s chief executive Aidan Connolly

 As a man who declares his principal hobby as “recreational eating” Aidan Connolly has ascended to his dream job. Chief executive of Sodexo UK & Ireland Connolly gives a rare interview about the challenges facing foodservice, and his dislike for the word 'sustainability'. Click here for the Full Interview
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60 seconds on water with sodexo environmental manager Paul Bracegirdle.

Q: How seriously does Sodexo take the issue of water management and how long has water been on the agenda?   A: Our clients and the markets we operate in are placing increasing emphasis on resources and sustainability initiatives. They are increasingly aware of the connections between the services we provide and sustainability, and expect…
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One Small Frog, One Giant Leap for Sustainability

In just a few weeks, Tetley will start selling its first boxes of Rainforest Alliance-certified tea. Sara Howe, the brand’s Director of Sustainability, tells David Burrows how the logo with the little frog represents a giant leap forward in sustainability.   Sara Howe doesn’t look like a builder, yet the marks on her cup betray…
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CESA the Moment

Keith Warren, Director of the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association (CESA), says operators and equipment suppliers must work together to ensure the sustainable kitchen is what the industry needs and not what the EC legislators impose on us.   Like all good trade associations the world over CESA exists to protect and further the interests of…
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Local Hero

Michel Roux Jnr tells Foodservice Footprint about his latest venture, Parliament Square, and his passion for local produce.   Michel Roux Jnr took over the celebrated Michelin-starred Le Gavroche in London’s West End in 1991, a restaurant that had been made famous by his father and uncle, Michel and Albert Roux, in the 1970s.  …
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