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Interviews with the key industry professionals, business leaders, researchers and thinkers in the UK out of home food and drink sector

Interview: innocent’s CEO Douglas Lamont

The B side: innocent’s CEO Douglas Lamont speaks to Amy Fetzer about beating the market, embracing failure, tackling plastics and not getting too big for their boots AF: You already have a reputation as a responsible business. With budgets tight in foodservice, can continuing to invest in sustainability really help to beat the market? DL:…
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Interview: Your diet on a plate

Personalised nutrition has plenty of potential for foodservice companies provided they can overcome the privacy concerns, says Barbara Bray. David Burrows (DB): How is personalised nutrition defined? Barbara Bray (BB): The concept of personalised nutrition was first introduced by RJ Williams, an American biochemist (1893-1988), who said: “Individual patients are far from standardised specimens and…
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Goat meat: the new kid on the block

James Whetlor of Cabrito tells Footprint why he believes British goat can be the next big food trend. By Nick Hughes. It was serendipity that led James Whetlor to supply British goat meat to the foodservice sector. Whetlor had worked as a chef in top London restaurants for 12 years when he was offered the…
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We need a Common Food Policy for Europe

Champion of the right to food Olivier De Schutter tells Nick Hughes why it’s time to change a system that is failing citizens and the environment. Olivier De Schutter is a man not afraid of a challenge. The lawyer, who has spent much of his career defending the economic and social rights of some of…
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Twenty years of food ethics

On Wednesday the Food Ethics Council will celebrate its 20th anniversary by convening a panel of experts to discuss the future of food. Its executive director Dan Crossley talks to Nick Hughes about how our perception of food ethics has shifted since the scares and scandals of the 1980s and 90s that inspired the Council’s…
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Interview: Gary Hunter on sustaining talent

Footprint (F): Gary, firstly how important do you think Sustainability in Education is? Gary Hunter (GH): For us at Westminster Kingsway College, sustainability in education is just as important as teaching our students about knife skills. We have always included a lot of theoretical and gastronomy work alongside our skills development and engage our students…
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The next big hope for zero waste

The government will soon launch its new bioeconomy strategy. This could put compostables in the spotlight, says David Newman. Footprint (F): We’ve all heard of the term compostables, but can you explain what it means? David Newman (DN): By definition, these materials are certified to be compostable within an industrial or home compostable environment. Certification…
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Shelter from the storm

Providing stability and better financial returns: Sodexo UK & Ireland talks to Footprint about why sustainability is an anchor for uncertain times. By Amy Fetzer With Brexit, increasing rates and rising raw material costs knocking confidence, creating uncertainty and squeezing bottom lines, foodservice businesses are feeling the pressure. For example, more than two thirds have…
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M&S: the big sustainability push

With single-use packaging in politicians’ sights, the retailer’s circular economy lead talks to Footprint about plans to cut waste to zero. By David Burrows. It’s 14 months since Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall launched his offensive against the coffee shop chains and single-use coffee cups. Starbucks, Costa and Nero bore the brunt of the celebrity chef’s ire, but…
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Andrew Stephen: my mission to bring sustainable food to life

The head of the Sustainable Restaurant Association recently celebrated a year in the role. He talks to Nick Hughes about the challenges and opportunities in helping restaurants achieve their sustainability goals. “What is a sustainable restaurant?” Andrew Stephen pauses for a moment while he ponders his own question.  It may seem an odd point for…
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