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The political print: DEFRA the poisoned challis

THE CABINET reshuffle seems to have inflamed a very public spat between he deposed environment secretary, Owen Paterson, and Greenpeace. Claims and counterclaims, regarding burning effigies and death threats, provided the Guardian and Daily Telegraph with plenty of copy. Paterson’s removal seems to have been the most controversial, but is that because the man himself…
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Vegware – What winning a Footprint Award means

                    Vegware has won over 20 awards and 2 Parliamentary Motions, but winning the Footprint Awards really stands out for us, because of the respect and goodwill that the Footprint Awards has among our clients. It has the double effect of promoting us in our marketplace,…
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Royal Bournemouth Hospital – What winning a Footprint Award means

                    We have been composting our food waste and compostable catering disposables for years now, and have introduced lots of measures to reduce our environmental impact - induction hobs and grills, an on-site food digestor, and an electric van for delivering our food around site. All…
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BaxterStorey – What winning a Footprint Award means

                    Our success is highly dependent upon a thriving domestic agricultural market and we are determined to help the UK farming sector. This is a responsibility we take seriously and winning the 2012 British Supply Award further endorses our commitment. Fresh, quality, locally sourced ingredients are…
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Footprint is published on the 18th day of every month (not in July or December). The magazine focuses on news analysis, features and comment from across the foodservice and hospitality sectors.   All aspects of sustainability are covered, including environment, ethics and health. The articles also aim to deliver content that is relevant to all…
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