Is your food looking fishy

Evidence shows seafood mislabelling has been tightened up. But there’s still room for improvement in foodservice. Are you getting a raw deal on sushi? Probably not, according to a new analysis of 115 samples of the seafood delicacy at 31 UK bars and restaurants. We “detected a low percentage of substitution”, the experts from the…
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Glyphosate, the world’s leading weedkiller

The herbicide plays a key role in modern farming but the EU is under growing pressure to ban it amid claims it causes cancer. What is glyphosate? Glyphosate is the world’s most widely used herbicide (weedkiller), not least because it’s so effective. The substance has become a mainstay of modern agriculture and its popularity has…
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Behind the Headlines: Tesco’s farm fudge

The supermarket’s refresh of its fresh produce ranges using ‘fake’ farms has left a sour taste, but it won’t last for long, says David Burrows.

Poor old Tesco: just when it seems to have come up with a decent idea, the media throws it back in its face. More than 70 lines of fruit, veg, poultry, pork and beef have been revamped under seven new “farm” brands. These include Redmere Farms for veg, Rosedene Farms for fruits and Boswell Farms, which look after the beef. Trouble is – none of them exist.

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Analysis: Can foodservice solve the productivity conundrum?

George Osborne is renowned for his ability to put a positive spin on the most ambiguous of statistics, but not even the Chancellor can find a favourable frame for the UK’s dismal productivity figures. Recent ONS data showed Britain as having one of the worst levels of productivity among the G7 countries, with only Japan…
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Ideas from across the Ocean

As the UK foodservice and retail sectors get set to join forces to tackle food waste under the Courtauld 2025 commitment, Meghan Stasz and Laura Abshire discuss how similar cross- sector collaboration has worked in the US. Food waste has steadily climbed over the years to a top concern for both consumers and corporations –…
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UK swims against the green tide

Experts fear that Cameron and co are undermining the renewable energy sector just as it is most needed in the wake of the Paris deal. Can private initiatives fill the gap, asks Nick Hughes. It has been a rollercoaster few months for UK suppliers of renewable energy. In December, the historic agreement at COP21 in…
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Tips for target reporting

As companies analyse their progress against 2015 environmental targets, marketing expert Jo Arden explains why honesty is the best approach. As the new year gathers pace, many brands in the food sector are already putting together reports on their progress against 2015 sustainability targets. Last year was an important staging post for many companies on issues…
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Cameron’s coat of green is rapidly wearing thin

Rewind the clock six years and David Cameron and George Osborne were the golden boys of the green movement. Ever since, Cameron has made no secret that his commitments in opposition were hyperbole. Yet watching him in front of the liaison committee in January it was hard to tell whether (as Footprint’s associate editor, Nick…
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Why are food firms keeping quiet about an EU exit

Food firms have so far been cagey on EU exit, but for most businesses Britain is surely better in than out. There are no prizes for guessing what issue will be at the axis of British political debate in 2016. Whether Britain should stay in the EU is one of those rare political questions that…
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TTIP: toxic treaty or the real deal

British businesses face uncertainty from a US- EU trade pact which will open new markets but threatens to undermine key regulations. By Nick Hughes. As the frenzy builds around the forthcoming EU referendum, a treaty with potentially just as significant ramifications for UK business is quietly coming to fruition. The stodgily named Transatlantic Trade and…
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