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The prime minister is showing his true colours and they are far from green. But the public and businesses have other ideas, says David Burrows. Rewind to the start of lockdown and there was a haunting feeling that the coronavirus would not only stop the world in its tracks, but also derail efforts to halt…
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Footprint Investigation: Parliament burnt by compostable pledge

A Footprint investigation has discovered that large volumes of new compostable packaging from the Houses of Parliament are being sent for incineration due to shortcomings in the waste supply chain. By Nick Hughes. More than a year after UK Parliament first announced plans to switch to new compostable packaging, Footprint can reveal that none of…
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Health & Vitality 2019 Roll of Honours Announced!

The initiatives demonstrated in 2019’s Health & Vitality Honours programme have highlighted the advancement in attitudes to health, nutrition and wellbeing in the industry. We have again seen great strides made this year, demonstrating just how important this subject is to the industry and the acknowledgement of the level of responsibility that the sector has -…
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Caterers make huge savings from cutting food waste

Caterers can expect to save £6 for every £1 they invest in food waste reduction initiatives, according to a new study. The research carried out by WRAP and the World Resources Institute (WRI) on behalf of the Champions 12.3 initiative found a compelling business case for food service operators serving hospitals, schools, sports arenas and…
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Food-to-go brands rapped for muffin sugar content

Blueberry muffins sold by leading foodservice brands contain more sugar than a can of Coke, according to new analysis. Action on Sugar and the Obesity Health Alliance (OHA) surveyed 28 muffins and found huge variations in both their size and sugar content as well as a lack of nutritional information. Costa and McDonald’s were among…
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Hospitals put squeeze on super-size

Hospitals have been ordered to stop selling super-size chocolate bars and “grab bags” of sugary snacks. In the next phase of its plan to fight obesity, diabetes and tooth-decay, NHS England announced a 250-calorie limit on confectionary sold in hospital canteens, stores, vending machines and other outlets. In 2018/19, health services will also receive financial…
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The robots are coming

Machines are replacing people on farms, food factories and McDonald’s restaurants. But fears that they will make humans redundant are overblown, writes Nick Hughes. When self-service kiosks began rolling out to McDonald’s outlets in 2015, staff could have been forgiven for fearing the worst. The machines, which looked like giant white smartphones, allowed customers to…
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Will this be the breakthrough year for equal pay?

Appointing more women to senior roles has long been a priority for companies seeking to present themselves as inclusive places to work. Yet while the journey towards gender diversity in the corporate world has been steady – if a little plodding – progress towards pay equality has been far slower. For those pushing the equal…
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