• Out of the frying pan … and into landfill

    THE 20 pence per litre tax differential for biodiesel produced from used cooking oil comes to an end next month. This will mean more oil ends up in landfill or down the plughole as operators and distributors abandon their environmental… Read More

  • Revisiting the ethical mark debate

    THIS WEEKEND’S episode of Countryfile explored the ethical mark debate. Footprint Forum debated this very topic a year ago and we thought that some of you may find it interesting to revisit the discussions to see whether we have moved on? … Read More

  • No surprise that Tesco ditches carbon label

    When he launched a project to label all 70,000 products in his supermarket’s portfolio, Sir Terry Leahy was undaunted  by the task: “Many of those people who talk about the need for a carbon currency say it is too complicated… Read More

  • You cannot be serious!

    Where are you on the sustainability chart?  If you’re not saying it a thousand times a day, you’re way behind the curve… (click on the image to zoom)   Read More

  • Viewpoint

    THERE’S THIS performance artist, and eating is his current medium. He’s eating his wardrobe. Time isn’t an issue. He’s focused on the long game. Every day, he sands down a bit more of his wardrobe and sprinkles the accumulated dust… Read More

  • Sustainable futures are made in the present

    A look towards 2020 tells us that the foodservice sector should get serious about sustainability today, says Sally Uren, deputy chief executive, Forum For The Future. FMCG brands and retailers will help make green living normal and easy for millions… Read More

  • Footprint Comment: Osborne’s call to mediocrity

    George Osborne declared last week ‘Let’s at the very least resolve that we’re going to cut our carbon emissions no slower but also no faster than our fellow countries in Europe’. To put this into context under the Climate Change… Read More

  • Food Governance: Why we have the power to make changes good for the environment and ourselves

    Issues facing restaurants are becoming more defined as a greater understanding develops with customers and suppliers. For me, it is clear that as more people understand about issues that relate to the environment in general they are beginning to look… Read More

  • Less is More

    Steve Kelsey   Steve Kelsey, an expert in sustainable branding with consultancy Pi Global, explains how to add meaning to ethical labelling.     ONE OF the paradoxes involved in designing for brands is that you learn early on that… Read More

  • Eat Less… Taste More

    The food supply chains of the future will be closer aligned, more efficient and produce nutritious, low impact food at the right price. Diana Spellman, managing director at catering procurement specialist, Partners in Purchasing, outlines her view of the future.… Read More