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The prime minister is showing his true colours and they are far from green. But the public and businesses have other ideas, says David Burrows. Rewind to the start of lockdown and there was a haunting feeling that the coronavirus would not only stop the world in its tracks, but also derail efforts to halt…
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Campaigners throw weight behind new obesity prevention plan

Evidence that weight is a risk factor for Covid-19 has led campaign groups to push for a more ambitious anti-obesity drive. Will a looming recession scupper their proposals? Nick Hughes reports. What a difference a year makes. Back in July 2019 BC (before Covid-19), when Boris Johnson was campaigning to be Conservative leader and de…
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Assume plastic plans are dead at your peril

Covid-19 may have put government policies on ice, but anyone hoping they will melt away is set for disappointment, argues Sancroft International’s Felix Gummer. The Covid-19 outbreak has caused the largest disruption to business in the UK since the Second World War. The plastics and packaging industry is certainly no exception, but it would be…
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Comment: Countering plastic propaganda against reusables

Rebecca Burgess fears that the progress made on reducing our reliance on single-use plastics and moving to reusables will be undone due to the impact of the coronavirus. As a campaigning organisation, we’re obviously concerned about what the pandemic means for the progress made in moving away from single-use plastics towards reusables over the past…
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Interview: All aboard the Vegetarian Express

Soaring demand for vegan and vegetarian foods has been a gift to the foodservice distributor. Now, MD David Webster wants to show customers how they are benefiting the planet by choosing plant-based. Nick Hughes reports. David Webster could be forgiven for exuding a sense of anxiety. It’s 13 March when we speak and the spread…
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KFC bans chicken … for a week

KFC’s outlet in Binnenwegplein in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, will be “completely chicken-free” from 9th-15th March. The move is part of the country’s third “National week without meat”. KFC did a test with the “Chickenless Chicken Burger” at the end of last year. During the week-long pilot one in 10 orders at KFC Akerpoort in Amsterdam…
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Food brands not backing their own “low-sugar” products

Mars, Nestlé and Cadbury have been accused of not supporting their own reduced- or low-sugar products. They are “frightened” that these new options could affect their established brands, Jack Winkler, emeritus professor of nutrition policy at London Metropolitan University. “They do not back the healthier variants with the marketing budgets necessary,” he told The Grocer.…
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Hospitality workers value pals over pay

‘Tis the time of year when staff start thinking about moving jobs – but how can you encourage them to stay? More money? Extra benefits? Flexible working? Think again. When asked to choose the top three factors that would make them remain in their job for longer, 30% of people in the hospitality sector put…
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