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So far so good for the GCA

Many argued that her job should never have existed but Christine Tacon can point to four years well spent as the government’s supply chain watchdog. By Nick Hughes. It is testament to Christine Tacon’s durability that she recently celebrated four years in a job that many politicians and business leaders felt should never have existed.…
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CAP bans advertising of food & drink products high in fat, salt and sugar

New restrictions banning the advertising of food and drink products high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) in children’s non-broadcast media come into effect on 1 July. The body responsible for writing the UK Advertising Code, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), is reminding food and drink businesses about the new rules, why they’re being…
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What motivates food & farming charities?

The Food Ethics Council’s survey of food & farming charities gives food businesses insight into what makes them tick, what holds them back and how the two sectors could work together. Here, the Food Ethics Council highlights five key takeaways from the Food issues census 2017. Local food is the number one issue that UK…
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Work still to do on farm labour

Certification schemes are not yet effective at addressing consumers’ growing fears over exploitation of farmworkers, writes Kerstin Lindgren. Consumers are increasingly concerned by the low pay and poor conditions on many farms. Farmworker justice certification schemes are therefore emerging to provide evidence that food is produced without exploitation. But are they any good? For our…
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Insight: Ignoring the hand that feeds us

This week the Prime Minister formally triggered article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. There are two years of Brexit negotiations ahead but “dangerous levels of naivety” have already left the foodservice sector off the pace, says David Read. I’ve been asking this question recently at various Brexit conferences and panel sessions: “Given that the UK…
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Black and white issue

Farmers have launched a new brand of free-range milk with a distinctive black top. Is it really the next green thing? Free-range milk? All milk is free range, isn’t it? No. More and more cows are being kept inside for a lot of the year, but what isn’t clear is how many. The most recent…
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Acrylamide: a hot potato for the EU

Commissioners are trying to untangle a messy situation regarding rules for the food contaminant – and neither industry nor health campaigners are happy. The European Commission wants to introduce new regulations to reduce levels of acrylamide in certain foods. The food industry has been pretty happy with the proposals so far, but critics have said…
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Embedding Sustainability

Government changes in the wake of Brexit to share responsibility for green issues across multiple departments echo a practice that has been promoted for years in the corporate world, says Tom Idle. All change at Whitehall The UK’s decision to leave the European Union triggered a series of changes at the heart of government. With…
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Can less meat mean more profit?

Have you heard of World Meat Free Day? Nope. Neither had I. But it was on July 13th. Oh. Cue a flurry of polls showing that people want to eat less meat and demanding more vegetarian options from us then? You’ve got it. Younger people are particularly keen flexitarians apparently. They would be. Nearly half…
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Sulphite preservatives

People have got all sensitive about the chemicals. Are they a problem ingredient or simply an opportunity to push more free-from products? Talk to me about sulphites It was the Romans who inadvertently discovered that sulphites helped make foods last longer. They occur naturally in many things, including the human body, but because they have…
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