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Driving Transport Efficiency

As a leading supplier to the UK foodservice sector, Brakes is passionate about providing an unbeatable level of service to its customers while also operating in the most environmentally friendly way. Whether driving down food miles, responsible sourcing, or reducing its carbon footprint, Brakes commitment to sustainability is at the core of its business ethos.…
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Sustainability is Top of Sodexo’s Menu

Fish is the dish of the day as children across England and Wales are encouraged to make environmentally friendly decisions about what they eat.   School meals provider, Sodexo, has become the first school meals provider to achieve Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification across multiple school contracts in England and Wales. The new eco-labelled menus,…
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Energy and Logistics

Brakes, one of the UK’s leading foodservice suppliers, is using a wide variety of solutions to minimise the impact of the business on the environment through increased efficiency and green business practices. Energy consumption:   In 2008 Brakes reduced energy consumption through a combination of operational changes, internal awareness campaigns around energy efficiency and training…
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Corporate Citizenship

To us corporate citizenship is about being a good business and ensuring responsible business practice, this does not change.   Corporate citizenship is our contribution to sustainable development which seeks to integrate economic, social and environmental factors into our every day business. It is not an aside but a way of doing things that is…
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Farming Report

Sodexo, a leading food and facilities management company and a large scale purchaser, has continued to develop its relationships with growers across the UK to help drive the availability of British produce. Tamsin Gane, Sodexo’s Sustainable Procurement Manager reports.   Sodexo’s sustainable procurement strategy takes into account that not every product can be grown locally.…
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Setting The Green Standard

                  The state of the art training facility HMS Collingwood is claimed to be the most sustainable catering operation in the UK.   VT Flagship Training, under the umbrella of parent company VT Education and Skills, has a unique partnering agreement with the Royal Navy to deliver…
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Sustainable Food and Ecovate

London’s food and drink industry is one of the greediest carbon consumers. it is responsible for around 11 per cent of all the Co2 emissions produced by the entire commercial sector.   In the United Kingdom, about one third of the food and drink we consume is purchased from restaurants, pubs, takeaways and other catering…
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Pret A Manger – Fighting Food Waste

UK-based Pret A Manger (French for ‘Ready To Eat’) sells handmade sandwiches and snacks throughout its chain of over 180 stores.   Since its inception in 1986 food waste has been a primary concern of the business. As all food is prepared fresh on site at each store location the idea of throwing away unused…
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Sustainability – MSC and Fish & Kids

In March 2003, Brakes and specialist business M&J Seafood became the first foodservice suppliers to carry products certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) - specifically accredited to suppliers who meet the MSC standard for sustainable and well managed fisheries. The sustainability of fish stocks is a serious issue for the Brakes Group, so it…
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How Sodexo has Adapted the Established Model of Corporate Responsibility

As a leading food and facilities management provider, Sodexo employs 43,000 people and manages operations at over 2,300 sites in the UK and Ireland, from large corporations and government agencies to schools, hospitals, the MoD and large high profile events. Sodexo has taken the established model of corporate responsibility and made it their own as…
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