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Chasing Origins Sustainably

Exactly what is ‘local’ and are people confusing it with ‘origin’? Then again, does ‘sustainable’ mean ’local’? Foodservice Footprint put Tamsin Gane, Sustainable Procurement Manager of Sodexo, on the spot and asked her to make all clear.   People think that Red Tractor equals environmentally friendly, writes Tamsin Gane, but doesn’t mean it’s more sustainable.…
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Caring and Sharing

Critics of Nestlé’s environmental policies may need to back track after studying the company’s achievements under its ‘Creating Shared Value’ strategy.   Nestlé, whose large portfolio of brands familiar to UK consumers includes Kit-Kat (now Fairtrade in its four-finger format), Aero bars, Nescafe coffee and Shredded Wheat, like many other multinationals has been on the…
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Water – Way to Go

Whitney Kakos, Impact & Sustainability Manager at Cafédirect tells Foodservice Footprint about a range of strategies devised to help smallholder farmers of coffee, tea and cocoa cope with changing rainfall patterns.   Smallholder coffee, tea and cocoa farmers represent one of the populations most vulnerable to climate change, and one key change is rainfall patterns.…
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Brakes puts Sustainability First

  Brakes Group can claim a lot of ‘firsts’ in its effort to promote sustainability in foodservice over the past 10 years.   Brakes Group is a leading foodservice supplier in Europe with 10,000 employees in 80 locations, and 1,000 suppliers across the world. The group is committed to minimising its environmental impact to ensure…
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A Real Impact

Footprint caught up with Dudson chief Executive Officer Max Dudson, who explains the company’s philosophy on sustainability and the steps it is taking to manage the impact of production on the external environment.   Dudson recognises that its activities have a real or potential impact on the environment that could affect the quality of life…
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Freshly Contracted

Pauleys was the first national fresh produce supplier in foodservice to be awarded Red Tractor certification and worked closely with the AFS to help develop the marque. The company continues to champion British produce and celebrate its growers.   Pauleys, the specialist fresh produce supplier under the umbrella of the Brakes Group, interacts with its…
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Four Fingered Ethics

As consumers become increasingly interested in the origins and sustainability credentials of their food, companies like Nestlé are taking important steps to improve economic and social conditions for the cocoa farming communities. Nestlé, one of the biggest global users of cocoa, has set out an ambitious global Cocoa Plan to improve the lives of cocoa…
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Share And Share Alike

Brakes Group has committed to support FareShare, the food charity for the poor and vulnerable. And there is a double feel good factor for the company – doing good for others is also cutting the company’s carbon footprint. Brakes Group, working in partnership with FareShare, the UK’s only national food charity, and a number of…
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Ethical Tastes

Ethical and sustainable production is at the heart of Cafédirect’s business. Its hot beverages have won many awards showing that ethics and a great tasting cup of coffee really do go hand in hand.   A pioneer in ethical business practice, Cafedirect began trading three years before the Fairtrade Foundation mark was first used in…
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