Canary Wharf turning food waste into energy

SEAB ENERGY will pilot their unique waste-to-energy micro-power plant at Canary Wharf after winning the second phase of the Cognicity Challenge.

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The micro-power plant uses microbial technology to turn food and organic waste into heat, energy and water on the site where the waste is produced. This produces a revenue stream whilst reducing the site’s carbon footprint.


The pioneering Muckbuster and Flexibuster are modular, compact and easy-to-install, and can be scaled to address the level of waste generated on site.


The technology can help new developments to comply with Part L of Building Regulations. This states that Buildings Emissions Rates (BER) or Dwelling Emissions Rates (DER) must be less than their Target Emissions Rates (TER).


Alongside winning the Cognicity Challenge £50,000 prize, SEaB Energy has also won the opportunity to work with Intel, the event’s sponsor, to incorporate Intel technology into SEaB Energy’s products.

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