Campaign to encourage sports fans to make sustainable choices

Sky has launched a new campaign to encourage sports fans to make more sustainable choices as they head to this summer’s major events.

Those attending The Hundred, the British Grand Prix, The Open, Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Super League Magic Weekend will be shown images of how the changing climate is already impacting sports, with cricket grounds flooded and golf courses battered by storms.

They will also be encouraged to use public transport, swap meat for vegan food options and embrace reusable packaging. The broadcaster, which has joined forces with the global movement Count Us, said the actions have been chosen based on “their emissions impact, accessibility and influence on wider systems change”. 

The new initiative comes in the same week that the climate change committee criticised the government for its reluctance to target shifts to lower-carbon behaviours and an over-reliance on technology. 

Recent research by YouGov showed that 53% of sports fans globally consider themselves to be environmentalists. Of the British citizens surveyed 35% said they only buy from companies that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Most sports fans also support equal pay, while 58% of Brits feel that women working in the industry are not fairly represented at senior levels.

What YouGov terms ‘socially conscious fans’ make up 59% of the global population. These buy from responsible brands and like companies that are willing to get involved in social issues; and they are also more likely to be health conscious (with a focus on organic and natural food).

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