Benders launches latest green offering

BENDERS PAPER Cups has launched Verde, its latest eco-friendly, hot cup design. The new hot cup sits as part of Elementi, the leading paper cup company’s environmentally-aware product selection.


There are nine cups in the Verde design, giving a full and comprehensive selection to both the vending and catering markets. The UK-manufactured single wall hot cups are derived from renewable sources and accredited as suitable for commercial composting. They are currently available to buy off the shelf, with no wait time involved.


Designed to satisfy the discerning needs of the foodservice industry and in answer to the market’s increasing environmental focus, Benders introduced the Elementi cup for those customers who want to actively demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Marketing Manager for Benders, Adrian Pratt explains: “It’s important to show continued commitment to the environmental range as customers want to be given that option, even when the economic climate is tough. By keeping the range fresh and varied and making sure it is always available, we are making the green choice an easier choice for our customers who value their own eco-friendly credentials and who choose their suppliers based on who will best complement and boost these credentials.”


The Elementi inner lining is made from a biopolymer coating derived from products such as corn. Added to this, the paper board used for the range will degrade completely in industrial, regulated composting facilities.


The entire process, from tree to cup production and disposal, has been created to reduce harmful effects on the environment, without compromising quality or performance. This is further supported with the use of water based inks for the printing of all Benders’ cup designs. Custom print options are available across the Elementi range with a full selection of domed sip through lids to allow for safe drinking on the go.


Benders’ paper cups are manufactured in the UK using paper board from PEFC and FSC accredited sustainable managed forests. Every cup fully meets the requirements of the European Timber Regulations and can be traced back from our production facility to the certified forest where it began its journey.


Now the paper cup manufacturing arm of the largest cup group in Europe, Benders’ full range of products includes super premium hot cups, barrier insulated cups, single wall bio-board cups, single wall vending cups and single wall ‘coffee to go’ cups.