Asda sustainability store champions refill and recycling

Asda has become the latest supermarket to trial a sustainability store concept featuring refill stations, loose produce and on-site recycling facilities.

The store in Middleton, Leeds is designed to help shoppers reduce, reuse and recycle products more easily and will be used to test concepts with the potential to be rolled out at scale.

Features include 15 refill stations offering household staples such as cereals, tea bags, pasta and cordial. Asda is also piloting refillable formats of household and personal care products such as shampoo, laundry detergent and hand wash.

Over 50 fresh produce lines including mushrooms, apples and baby plum tomatoes will be sold in loose and unwrapped formats, while plastic wrapping will be removed from certain multipacks of canned beans and soups. Asda has pledged that customers won’t pay more for these “greener” options.

The store will house recycling facilities for items that are difficult to recycle in kerbside collections such as crisp and biscuit packets, plastic toys, cosmetic containers and toothpaste tubes.

It will also feature the supermarket’s first reverse vending machine for cans, plastic and glass drinks bottles.

The opening of the store this week was accompanied by the launch of Asda’s new strategy for plastics and sustainability. It has committed to generating zero carbon emissions by 2040, reducing waste by 50% and having a net regenerative impact on nature no later than 2050.

Asda has also committed to remove 3 billion pieces of plastic from own-brand products by 2025 and to invest in 50 closed loop and circular projects by 2030, working closely with waste management companies, recyclers and product developers.

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