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Animal welfare standards need to improve

More than three quarters (76%) of UK consumers feel the welfare standards for farmed animals could be improved.

The findings, from a Eurobarometer report published this month, also suggest that almost half of UK consumers are happy to pay a little more for products sourced from animal welfare-friendly systems.

Some 47% of the 1,321 people polled say they are prepared to pay a 5% premium for the foods, compared to only 35% of Europeans. Only in Cyprus was support higher (50%).

When it comes to information about farming practices, consumers are split – 48% say they could do with more, whilst 50% are not too bothered.

In terms of legislation, most Europeans (89%) strongly believe there should be an EU law requiring any person using animals for commercial purposes to care for them. In the UK, the strength of support for new laws is the same (89%).