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Green credentials of spending review to be assessed

THE TREASURY’S Spending Review process is to be audited by the National Audit Office for its environmental impact. The NAO will, for the first time, assess whether the review process acts as an effective medium-term spending and planning tool in relation to the government’s environmental protection and sustainable development objectives.   The NAO’s work will,…
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Round in circles

WHEN THE government doesn’t know what to do, it tends to call for a review. And that’s exactly what it did after the horse meat scandal, with Professor Chris Elliott heading an “independent review of Britain’s food system”. He’s expected to provide some interim findings next month, but the final report is unlikely to be any time before summer 2014.        …
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Steering farmers through the storm

NATIONAL FARMERS UNION leader Peter Kendall has seen members endure a miserable 10 months but concerns over food security, prices and sourcing in the wake of the horse meat scandal could offer new opportunities, he tells David Burrows.                           To travel 600 miles…
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