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Food groups call for new GCA powers

A coalition of food organisations has called on the government to tackle unfair trading practices along the entire food supply chain as part of its review of the Groceries Code Adjudicator’s (GCA) remit. The Groceries Code Action Network (GCAN) said the watchdog's remit should be extended to give current GCA Christine Tacon the power to…
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Make food fair, say shoppers

Two in three people think farmers are underpaid. Meanwhile, the majority believe that food companies (92%) and government (85%) should take responsibility for delivering fair and sustainable food. The figures come from a new survey of 1,004 consumers, published by the Fairtrade Foundation and Globescan. The poll also showed that 65% believe responsibly produced food…
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Sugar report claims EU reforms could drive farmers into poverty

THE FAIRTRADE FOUNDATION has released a report which claims that a planned reform of the European sugar market has the potential to drive farmers into extreme poverty over the next five years.                     The Sugar Crash report outlines the possibility that as many as 200,000 farmers…
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SOAS report claims Fairtrade fails the poorest workers in Ethiopia and Uganda

A NEW report published by SOAS, University of London, has found that some Fairtrade certified coffee, tea and flowers do not necessarily improve lives of the very poorest rural people in Ethiopia and Uganda. The four-year research project studied rural labour markets in areas producing crops for export which included, in some research sites, Fairtrade…
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Britain’s Bruising Banana Wars

BRITAIN'S SUPERMARKET price wars are trapping tens of thousands of banana farmers and workers in an unrelenting cycle of poverty                     The Fairtrade Foundation today launches a new campaign Make Bananas Fair asking the UK public to help end the supermarket price wars, including a petition…
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Appetite for Fairtrade grows

THE FAIRTRADE Foundation today launches Fairtrade Fortnight (24 February – 9 March) and its major new Make Bananas Fair campaign by announcing continued growth in Fairtrade sales of 14 per cent during 2013, demonstrating continuing public and business support for Fairtrade goods.                   Sales of Fairtrade products in 2013…
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